Valerie Thompson speaks out!!!

It is with a sense of patriotic duty that I feel obligated to address you at this time.

Valerie Thompson-Duncan has made another plea for Grenadians to vote wisely in the upcoming general election

I do not represent any political party neither do I have any interest in partisan politics. I am a private citizen and a social activist on issues of national importance. I am not for sale and therefore I cannot be bought.

Many persons may know me, some may not. Some may have become aware of me when I began staging my ‘one-woman’ silent protests around the country on the islands of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique in 2015.

However, I may have drawn national attention last year when an Application for an Injunction against the holding of a Referendum was filed in the High Court in my name by my legal representative, Mr. Jimmy Bristol.

We all know the outcome of that matter and the results of the held referendum. As one friend put it ‘I lost the battle but I won the war’ – yet, I have been silent.

The time has come for me to break that silence, at least for the next few minutes.

Recently, I came across an article published earlier this year, about the removal of the Registrar, Ms. Lisa Telesford, from that position.

It was alleged in the article that the reason for her removal was because she did not lay the above-mentioned matter – (Valerie Thompson-Duncan vs Supervisor of Elections) before the preferred judge of the government.

At that time, there were three judges assigned to the High Court for Civil Matters and for Criminal Matters.
Since the matter at hand was of a Civil nature, the Registrar would most likely assign it to the Judge handling such. However, the article alleged that the government wanted the matter to go before the judge who was assigned to handle Criminal matters.

If the article is correct, then the removal of the Registrar would amount to victimisation, as Ms. Telesford did nothing wrong.

The question is therefore: since when do litigants in any court matter have a choice of judges? Is this not political interference in judicial matters?

Do you remember that one of the bills put before us in the referendum was about us leaving the Privy Council and going to the CCJ?

Do you remember that many persons have been expressing their concerns about political interference in the judiciary?

Who would believe that up to days before the said referendum, that the same political interference was being practiced? My people, I urge you, please pay attention!

On hearing the Prime Minister say at a post-Cabinet briefing (17 Oct 17) that he cannot understand how a government in office with 11 – 4 seats (in Parliament) and with all the election machinery at its disposal could call an election and end up with a 0 – 15 seats, brought me back to earlier in the year when there were shake-ups at several Parliamentary Election offices in the country.

What was the Prime Minister insinuating? Was he suggesting that a government in office should do whatever it takes to ensure that it does not lose an election? This would surely be interfering with the electoral process. Do you remember why Ms. Judy Benoit was removed? Could it be because she objected when informed that the electoral computer systems were to be installed in the Prime Minister’s Ministry?

That, again, is victimisation.

My fellow Grenadians, these are issues of national importance and political victimisation is now out of control and must be stopped!

With General elections constitutionally due within the next few months, I urge you, my fellow citizens, to pay attention to what is happening.

It is important to know what issues are facing our nation in order to be able to place an educated, decisive X for the candidate of your choice on Election Day.

I have prepared a list of more than 50 and I intend to RUNDEM in coming months through my silent protests.

I cannot tell you for whom to vote, that would be your decision but I would hope that you are already registered and awaiting the announcement of the date.

It would be wise to take time to listen to all of the parties/candidates and ask questions but do not be surprised if you do not get answers.

Politicians in Grenada are not used to being questioned by the people so they feel that they do not have to answer to them.

Times have changed. Our people have awoken and we know that we have to mind our business instead of leaving everything up to the politicians who do not always act in our best interest.

Do not be fooled by any pie in the sky promises. If you have not seen your representative/candidate since he/she last came to beg you for your vote in 2013 but he/she shows up now and promises the moon and the stars, then take whatever you are being offered, if you need it, then RUNDEM.

It does not matter if he/she is from NDC, NNP, GPM, independent or whatever. It is all about the issues, in the upcoming elections.

So, concentrate on them and vote wisely … as wisely as you did in the 2016 Referendum, when you voted with a resounding NO.

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