Another Grenadian centenarian in the UK

Iris Fredericka Pompey, known as Tantie Iris by many, on Monday reached the landmark 100 years.

Iris Fredericka Pompey

She celebrated her birthday at Hitchin Town Hall, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom on Saturday with six of her 8 children (2 deceased), 19 grandchildren, 35 great grandchildren and 10 great, great grandchildren with another one on the way.

After the death of her mother aged 102, she moved to the UK from Grenada in 1977 to live with her children in Letchworth and helping to look after many of her descendants.

According to the Grenada High Commission office in London she is one of three to four Grenadian Centenarians living in the UK.

In the Spice Isle, Tantie Iris worked for the Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association (GCNA) in the Nutmeg Pool in Gouyave cracking nutmeg and cleaning mace for export.

While living in Grenada she looked after many grandchildren including one who was just 12 days old. As a caring individual, she also looked after the children of many distant relatives and friends in the community.

Consequently, she has an extensive network of close friends who she rings and who visit her regularly.

As a Grenadian national living in the UK, Iris Pompey has maintained her links with the local community of Central, Gouyave Estate and the town of Gouyave. She is often referred to as the local historian because of her in-depth knowledge of the community, family and the connections of many people from the Gouyave Estate and Gouyave community.

She also keeps up to date with news about her beloved island. With a sharp memory Tantie Iris is often called upon by individuals who wish to understand and know more about their family history.

She was visited by the National Democratic Congress Candidate for St. John, Sen. Dr. George Vincent during a recent visit to the UK.

As the oldest person living in her present accommodation, she is one of the most active and is surrounded by her immediate family who help to care for her.

Tantie Iris is a warm, loving and caring person who is the glue to her descendants and extended family. She is loyal and kind hearted, makes friends easily and is never cross or unkind to anyone.

As a daughter of Grenada, she will be celebrating her birthday with family and friends living in the UK and many others who are travelling from Grenada, Trinidad, the US and Canada.

Congratulations Tantie Iris, hope you enjoy your 100 birthday celebration and that you live to see many more.

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