Ryan Sylvester pleads guilty to Grievous Harm

26-year old Ryan Sylvester of Happy Hill, St. George is now awaiting sentencing from a high court judge after he pleaded guilty on Monday to causing grievous harm to Avonel Antoine in a September 2016 incident.

The incident occurred in the vicinity of the St. George’s Fish Market where Sylvester and Antoine were seen exchanging harsh words to each other.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Sylvester is claiming that Antoine owed him some money and refused to pay him.

Sylvester alleges that they got into a quarrel around the Fish Market after which he walked away.

He spoke of going into a mini bus and when it passed in front of Antoine the injured man demonstrated some threatening signs towards him.

As a result of this, the accused got off the bus, ran after Antoine and then chopped him.

Antoine admitted that he got into a scuffle with Sylvester at the fish market after which the accused left the scene.

However, after some time he saw Sylvester running towards him with a cutlass, he tried to defend himself but was eventually chopped in the chest.

Sylvester who is being represented by seasoned criminal Attorney-at-Law, Anselm Clouden pleaded guilty to the offence before the presiding judge, Justice Shiraf Aziz at the No.5 High Court on the Carenage.

The judge ordered the accused to stay on bail on the same conditions while awaiting sentencing fixed for December 8.

Sylvester will have to report to Central Police Station on the Carenage every Monday and Friday between the hours of 6.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. and adhere to a 6.00 p.m to 6.00 a.m. curfew.

As part of the curfew, if any law enforcement officer visits the house, the accused is required to present himself at the front door, faling which he can be deemed to be in breach of the conditions.

Justice Aziz called for the customary Social Inquiry report be prepared in preparation for sentencing.

The judge hinted that it could be a lengthy custodial sentence given the fact that Sylvester spent 18 months at Her Majesty’s Prison for a similar offence of Grievous Harm and was released from custody in April 2016.

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