Jawahir pleads guilty to 2014 shooting incident

Frequente, Grand Anse resident, 59 year-old Kennedy Jawahir who was charged with attempted Non-Capital Murder in August 2014 pleaded guilty Monday to the lesser charge of Grievous Harm to bring an end to his high court trial.

Kennedy Jawahir as he left the No.2 High Court at the end of his trial

Jawahir also pleaded not guilty to Dangerous Harm but guilty to Possession of a Firearm and guilty to Possession of Ammunition in the case brought before female high court judge, Madam Justice Paula Gilford.

Police had slapped two charges against the accused following a shooting incident that left fellow villager, Solomon Hagley nursing gunshot wounds.

Defense attorney, George Prime told reporters that although the trial started last week and the virtual complainant (Solomon Hagley) had given evidence there was discussion between the State and himself to bring closure to the matter.

He said, “It was quite obvious from the evidence that some injury was done to Solomon, that it was the accuse who did it, and so we believe that if none of these two charges (attempt to commit Non-Capital Murder and Dangerous Harm) could take place, then if we can formulate a count in which the offence can be implicated then we would advice a guilty plea.

“I thought it was advisable that we should plead guilty in light of the nature of the evidence that has come before the court. So, he (Jawahir) was advised and he accepted our advice and pleaded guilty to grievous harm”, he added.

According to Prime, based on the evidence provided in the case it was decided to change the charges and to introduce a new count of grievous harm to resolve the matter.

The dispute between the two men was centered on a herd of sheep belonging to Hagley going into lands under the control of Jawahir.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the accused had frequently warned the victim about the presence of his animals eating grass and defecating on the property.

The two men exchanged harsh words to each other and this was soon followed by threats of shooting and shortly afterwards Hagley was shot in the leg and had to be rushed to the St. George’s General hospital for treatment.

Jawahir will return to court on December 7 for sentencing by the female Guyanese judge.

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