Address delivered at the gala celebration of Accountants’ week 2017 by President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Eastern Caribbean – Grenada Branch – Mr. Henry A. Joseph FCCA


Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen and I wish to extend my grateful thanks to all of you who have found it possible to attend this evening’s function. I know that there are competing activities but your presence is a clear demonstration of your support for our fledgling organization.

Henry A. Joseph

This year we have chosen as our theme”, Navigating the challenges ahead”. It is no coincidence as indeed there are numerous challenges that we are facing not only in Grenada but the wider Caribbean. The destruction caused by hurricanes “Irma” and “Maria” will beyond doubt significantly affect the flow of aid as well as development funding.

The islands that are facing reconstruction will definitely benefit far more as resources would have to be diverted to face the many challenges that Dominica and the other islands are experiencing. Institutions like the Caribbean Development Bank and the World Bank are beyond doubt limited as to the amount of funds that they can disburse.

And so we in Grenada will have to dig deep into our resources to ensure that we continue to maintain the same level of living. The shortfall in aid funding from grants and loans will affect many of our planned projects as resources have to be diverted.

This therefore is a major challenge that would have to be addressed not only by the political directorate but also by the business sector. We must not however be daunted as out of adversity cometh good.
When for the first time last year ICAEC took the bold step to host a week of activities we did not envisage that it would be highly successful. Of course, Success cannot always be measured in dollars and cents as I do believe that the attendance at the various seminars was more than enough to give us the impetus to continue.

We want to assure you therefore that we will continue this exercise on an annual basis as we are convinced that we are playing our part in bringing quality financial information not only to the general public but more particularly to the business sector.

The organising of such an event is not without its frustrations and disappointments. Notwithstanding, the organising committee has done a fantastic job in ensuring that quality seminars were arranged this year.

We believe that as a group we can make a significant impact on the regulatory framework in our country. Accountants have the training and the skills to make a difference. It is not always about getting the best jobs that are available. The need to participate in a meaningful way can certainly go a long way in ensuring that aspects of our development are properly dealt with.

In short we must make our voices heard. Individually we may achieve little or nothing but as a group well-coordinated we can make a difference.

As we go forward therefore we are hoping that those in the executive branch will recognise our abilities and make use of it. We are definitely ready to help whenever and wherever possible.

Thank you very much and do enjoy the rest of the evening.

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