Terry Forrester speaks

The following statement was issued by Terry Forrester, the Founder & Political leader of the newly formed Grenada Progressive Movement.

Please allow me to bring further clarity to my recent statement regarding strike action by Union workers.

Please note that my statement was never intended to be against the position of the Union and the workers but in fact against the long period which has elapsed, wherein the workers had to be subjected to over two years of unhealthy working conditions which no doubt could result in long term health hazard to the said workers.

My intent therefore was to blame the Union for allowing this long and unhealthy condition to have existed for the workers for over two years, without taking this present action.

I certainly support what appears to be the last resort of strike action by the workers, but to be mindful of the fact that these conditions speak to a more major systemic virus of poor management systems within Government and this is where true Partnership plays a vital role.

However, this situation speaks loudly to my already expressed dictatorial and autocratic leadership style of Dr. Mitchell, wherein he “micro manages” the entire Government and therefore has created a mantra wherein all heads of departments inclusive of Ministers, dear not make a decision without his approval, no matter how small or insignificant.

This style of leadership hinders our growth and development and certainly causes lengthy and un-necessary delays in resolving simple issues such as the need to retile a floor and to effect a healthy working environment for workers.

At the end of the day, we the people are the ones who eventually suffer the ultimate pain, financial losses and inconvenience as a result of Government’s inaction over a matter so simply which could have been resolved through dialogue.

I am therefore convinced that we really do need a new beginning, that we truly need to heal the deep divide in our society which has been created.

We need to respect each other and finally we need true and meaning partnerships if we are to begin the process of maximum benefits to our people and country.

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