NLA launches fourth quarter promotions

The Grenada National Lotteries Authority (GNLA) has announced plans to launch four new promotions to afford customers the opportunity to win big for the Christmas season and beyond.

Marketing Manager at NLA, Reece Sam

The promotions – “Live Free for a year”, “Carnival Febulosity”, ‘Lotto Money, “Lotto Booster” and “Ham and Wine” promotion – were launched in collaboration at a media appreciation luncheon held last week Friday at the Grenada National Stadium at Queen’s Park.

Speaking at the function, Managing Director of the authority, Jeffrey Gilbert said that the promotion is aimed at targeting a much younger demographic and attracting them to the games of GNLA.

“Our player base is ageing. It’s just about one tenth of our population that actually plays the games of the NLA and for us to continue giving back charity causes, giving back to other important causes on the island, we need to increase our player base – we need to have more players participating in these games”, he said.

“…Our player base is ageing, we have younger persons coming on board and those persons who are younger, they need to have some kind of innovation to attract them,” he added.

Marketing Manager of NLA, Reece Sam who also spoke at the function announced that the state-controlled body is also looking at a new scratch game called ‘White Hot 7s’ with a new price set at $3.

Under this new game, the most any person can win is $25, OOO.00.

However, if they do not win, players can submit at least two of their non-winning tickets at any of the Lotto entry boxes with their names and contact numbers written on the back to get a chance to have their expenses paid for one year under the ‘Live Free For a Year” promotion.

According to Sam, the winner will receive a stove in the first draw, a refrigerator in the second draw while the third draw is considered as the one to win the top prize.

“We are going to be paying the living expenses for that person for one year and we have capped it off at $3000 – that is the most we are going to pay per month for one year”, she said.

Managing Director Jeffrey Gilbert

The second promotion is ‘Carnival Febulosity’, where three lucky players will win an all-expense paid trip to travel to three different Caribbean Islands to experience their Carnival activities along with a companion.
Sam explained that this promotion can only be won by persons playing the Daily Pick Three, Daily Pick Four and Play Way games.

“Customers have to spend $5 in a single purchase; not $2 in Play Way, $1 in Daily pick three and $2 in Daily cash four but it has to be $5 in a single purchase. As soon as the person purchases their ticket, costing $5, they will get a voucher. That voucher will have a letter on it. The letter will basically be T, N, S, V, G, C, O or U. Players will get to collect these letters to spell the abbreviations of the countries which carnival they can win to attend.

“…So, for Trinidad, they collect TNT, for Vincy Mas, SVG, and for KAYAK Mas, COU. The persons who would collect these letters and solve the abbreviation, they get to take a friend to the carnival and we would pay the expenses.

According to Sam, the third promotion to look forward to is ‘Lotto Money, Lotto Booster’ where the lotto jackpot will be increased.

“I think the public has become accustomed to us boosting our jackpot at least twice a year now and we are doing this again. After that draw on Wednesday 29th November, which will be the last draw in November for lotto, we are going to boost it by at least $100,000. After that, once there aren’t any winners, it remains with that boosted $100,000 but it would increase by $2000 every time there is a draw,” she said.

Persons who like taking their chances with the $2 scratch games, also has a chance to win under the NLA’s ‘Ham and Wine’ promotion.

Sam disclosed that this promotion will be done in every parish in Grenada every Friday from November 24 to December 29.

“Our players are going to submit their non-winning $2 scratch ticket at specific locations where we would draw for winners at the different locations”, she said.

”So, we have 100 frozen hams to give away and assorted wine as well as branded giveaways,” she added.

The NLA also announced plans to introduce a new game called ‘10 times the cash’ that will be launched as a $2 scratch game in which players can submit three non-winning tickets for a chance to win.

The NLA’s budget for the fourth quarter promotion that was unveiled is $115,000.

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