PM Mitchell gives another salvo on WRB and Grenlec

Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell has said that his ruling New National Party (NNP) government is committed to exposing all those who sold the island’s sole electricity company, GRENLEC to U.S company, WRB enterprises Inc.

WRB is the majority shareholder in Grenlec and has taken its dispute with the Mitchell-led government to an international body for arbitration.

The dispute is centered around the Electricity Supply Bill 2016 passed in Parliament by government to end GRENLEC’s 80-year monopoly status that was granted in a 1994 sale agreement struck by the then ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) government of Sir Nicholas Brathwaite.

Speaking at last week’s post-Cabinet press briefing, Dr. Mitchell told reporters that he intends to ensure that justice is sought for the country in the battle against WRB and Grenlec.

“We are going to seek justice for this country and we are going to continue to expose those who sold off this country’s rights for 74 years to WRB who is insisting that that monopoly system that they receive in 1994 remains.

“This is the only country in the Caribbean region we know of; even in Dominica where we know WRB is, there is liberalisation for energy generation; not just electricity services.

“…The same WRB that refuse to allow monopoly in Grenada is investing in Jamaica’s liberalised electricity system, but Grenada must remain under their control and it’s unfortunate that any Grenadian, any Grenadian who is worth the thought to be called a Grenadian would want to support WRB…”.

PM Mitchell hinted that WRB is interfering in Grenada’s political process and he would expose the plan shortly.

“We have information, we’ll disclose it sometime soon, of WRB attempt to interfere in our political process in this country…”, he said.

“… No wonder every time a certain political group opens their mouth in this country, they support WRB and they curse the government and people of Grenada”, he added.

In recent weeks, political operatives of the ruling party have been accusing WRB of supplying Congress with millions of dollars for the upcoming general election campaign.

The NNP is also pointing an accusing finger at the Republic of China on Taiwan as quietly funding NDC for the upcoming election battle.

On the other hand, Congress operatives have said that Mitchell’s NNP has been getting large sums of money from the Russian oil outfit, GPG which is currently exploring offshore for oil and gas in Grenadian waters.
Dr. Mitchell also told reporters that there was another company that is allegedly involved w politically with the main opposition party without giving name.

“The other company has done the same thing but we will expose them for what it’s worth. Election campaign hasn’t started yet, when the bell rings stay tuned,” he remarked.

Prime Minister Mitchell and his NNP have been predicting another clean sweep of all 15 seats in the upcoming general election.

Social Development Minister Delma Thomas told a party meeting earlier in the year the NNP is aiming to ensure each Congress candidate lose their deposit in the national poll.

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