Harris Paints launches product line in Grenada

Affordable paint products that are environmentally friendly, performs well, does the job quickly and economically, and can be purchased at a very competitive price and is totally dedicated to the contractors.

Sales and Marketing Manager Carlton Briggs and Manager of JCN Construction John Paul Fletcher among those present for the launch of the new Harris Paints brand

This is what one of the major paint manufacturer in the Caribbean, the Barbados-based Harris Paints is offering its customers in its new line of pro-speed cover products, namely the Egg Shell, Flat and Gloss Emersion, which were officially launched at the Coyaba Beach Resort in Grand Anse last week Thursday in alliance with its exclusive local distributors LL Ramdhanny and Co. Ltd.

According to Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Orlando Vázquez, Harris Paints, which has been in operation for the past 45 years, created this new line of products to address the contractors’ needs.

“This product was made thinking about the contractor, based on their needs and what they are looking for,” Vázquez said in an interview with THE NEW TODAY last week Thursday.

“We did a lot of research (and) within the last two years we have been speaking to a lot of contractors about their needs and all of them have been telling us that they need flexible options, something different,” he added.

Vazquez went on: “We have Ultima Plus, which is our #1 product line and now we are working with this second line, which is at very good price, provides very good coverage and is very good for the contractor”.

“The other thing that the contractors has been telling us is that for them coverage is very important so they want a product that can cover more so that they can save some paint,” he said.

According to Vázquez, results from Lab tests have proven that “Speed Cover Flat covers up to 650 square feet per gallon, which is 200 square feet more that its competitor.

“So, lower prices, more coverage – that’s a win, win (situation),” he said.

Vázquez disclosed that Harris Paints spent a lot of time making sure that the product is environmentally friendly and gave assurance that the colorant that is being added to the paint is not going to cause any damage to the environment.

“That is really important because it’s not really just about selling something but it’s also about doing the right thing to protect communities because we live in these communities,” he declared.

Approximately 75 local contractors, dealers and painters showed up at Coyaba to be a part of the launch, which represents one of the company’s newest innovations coinciding with its 45th year of existence in 2017.

Managing Director of the Grenville-based JCN Construction Co. Ltd., John Paul Fletcher, who has been in the construction business for the past 34 years told THE NEW TODAY that he is looking forward to using the new product and seeing the improvements made by the manufacturers.

Harris Paints Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Orlando Vázquez accompanied by Charles Kirton, Vice President of Technical Services and Innovation

“Harris paint is one of the better products … they always have new ideas and new products that really help the contractor (in ways such as) increasing the spread of how much square feet you can get per gallon”, he said.

In addition, he said that “the colours really stand up to the weather in our adverse conditions.

“I find when you paint with Harris on the outside your colours stay for a couple of years longer than the competitors,” he remarked.

LL Ramdhanny and Co. Ltd. has been the local distributor for Harris Paints for the last 24 years.
Its Sales and Marketing Manager, Carlton Briggs, was high in praise for the line of paint products turned out by Harris Paints.

“Over the years, Harris Paints have proven to be a company that believes in research, innovation, in looking for ways to make better products that are targeted for the Caribbean market in particular”, he said.

“All their research, all their testing is done in the Caribbean,” Briggs said, referencing the weather conditions, which varies from hot sun one day and rain the next day.

“Harris paints are tested in this environment and is created to last longer in this environment. And we believe that with this new range of prospered cover products, Harris has once again proven themselves to be a winner,” he added.

Additionally, Briggs said, it is expected that the new product would be received “very well,” not only by people in the construction industry but also by hoteliers and persons in the real estate industry.

“The products are mainly intended for the commercial sector…where painting is always required because of the high traffic of people passing and touching the walls and so forth, and would always require repainting,” he added, noting that “it (Harris Paints) is less expensive compared to the high-end products targeting the home industry.”

Harris Paints is currently sold in 15 countries across the Caribbean.

Its new line of Pro Speed products is available in between 4000 and 10, 000 base colours that can be tinted.

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