SGU introduces “Pay It Forward” program for Canadian Students

St. George’s University has launched the “Pay It Forward” program, which will allow Canadian students who enroll in SGU’s January MD entering classes, starting January 2018 to claim a refund of their tuition if they are accepted to and matriculate at a Canadian or US allopathic medical school for the subsequent fall term.

“Applying to medical school is stressful. Many students may not want to wait until the spring for an offer of admission from a Canadian medical school that may never come,” said Sandra Banner, SGU’s consultant for university relations in Canada.

“Pay It Forward will allow Canadian students to jump-start their medical educations without sacrificing the possibility of returning to Canada for medical school.”

“We’re confident that after one semester at St. George’s, they’ll decide to stay,” Banner said. “However, the beauty of this program is that if they want to go to the Canadian – or US – medical school, they have a term of top-quality integrated systems-based medical education under their belt. They will shine in their new medical school!”

Starting this January application cycle, anyone who enrolls for the spring 2018 semester at SGU and is subsequently admitted to – and enrolled at – a Canadian or US allopathic medical school for the fall 2018 term will receive a full refund of SGU’s tuition and fees, if they choose to accept their spot in Canada or the US.

This program is the latest in a series of efforts by St. George’s to bolster its offerings to Canadian students.

This year, St. George’s hired Banner, the former CEO of the Canadian Resident Matching Service, and Charles Furey, a former elected official with years of experience in the Canadian government, to help strengthen the University’s network in Canada.

Banner and Furey will work to increase the number of clinical rotation spots available to St. George’s students and establish electives at new hospitals all over the country.

“Our Pay It Forward program demonstrates that we have the utmost confidence in the education and experience we provide at St. George’s,” said Dr. G. Richard Olds, President of St. George’s University.

“We have a long and storied tradition of educating Canada’s doctors of the future, and we believe that this program will help us attract even more of Canada’s best and brightest.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Guy Palmer, a leading expert in infectious diseases and public health, will headline an esteemed group of presenters at the One Health One Medicine Symposium sponsored by St. George’s University’s October 21-22.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of St. George’s — and the 17th edition of SGU’s Research Day/Phi Zeta Research Emphasis Day.

“Dr. Palmer’s expertise in veterinary medicine and global health is unparalleled,” said Dr. G. Richard Olds, president of St. George’s University.

“We are thrilled to have such an eminent scholar on campus to lead our exploration of the interconnection between human, animal, and environmental health.”

Dr. Palmer is the founding director of the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health at Washington State University. He also holds the Jan and Jack Creighton Endowed Chair in Global Health at Washington State and is Regents Professor of Pathology & Infectious Diseases.

He holds a doctorate of veterinary medicine from Kansas State University and a doctorate in microbiology and immunology from Washington State.

Currently, Dr. Palmer is investigating an array of public-health challenges, including rabies in East Africa, influenza in Central America, and how animal and human health programs can work together to improve nutrition, prevent zoonotic disease, and increase access to education.

“The One Health approach is crucial to solving global public-health problems ranging from outbreaks of disease to poverty and food scarcity,” said Dr. Cal Macpherson, Vice Provost for International Program Development at St. George’s and founding director of the Windward Islands Research and Education Foundation.

“Dr. Palmer is one of the leading lights in the One Health movement, and we look forward to his insights at this year’s edition of the One Health One Medicine Symposium.”

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