GMC donates to Hurricane affected islands

In wake of hundreds being affected by the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, many persons are encouraged to give and give genuinely.

In Grenada, many corporate businesses as well as individuals have come together, to lend support and assistance to those hurricane affected islands.

The Grenada Motor Club (GMC), organisers of International Drags Grenada, is one such group.

Local racers contributed supplies to the National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA).

GMC has taken a decision to hold an Invitational Drag Racing Event in November, in place of the initially planned International Event announced earlier on this year to help the cause of the affected islands.

The club’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Ian DaBreo said that although GMC is not expecting as many cars from the islands, as the rebuilding stage is still ongoing, support can be anticipated from Trinidad & Tobago, St. Marten and host country Grenada.

“We have taken into consideration the very real challenges facing some of our usual regional participants in being able to come to Grenada and participate in the event. We know that a number of the racing fraternity will do all they possibly can to attend, but for some circumstances are beyond their control”, he said.

“There is an opportunity here, for us to use this event to engage and encourage our sponsors to partner with us, in further contributing towards the Dominica relief fund in particular. We will be committing to contributing 10% of any sponsorship funds received”, he added.

DaBreo went on: “Every donation, regardless of size, can help to rebuild the communities that have been hit by these natural disasters.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed in the face of recent events, resulting in displaced communities, ruined livelihoods, and hundreds of billions of dollars in damage.

“However, as an organisation we are trying to show that there are things we can all do to help. We invite as many persons as possible to come out in support of our Caribbean neighbours.”

The GMC Invitational Drags will take place from November 18-19.


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