Concerns over Silver Sands

A debate is currently ongoing in some quarters with regards to exactly what will become of the 10-feet road, located between the new Silver Sands development project and the nearby Day Care Center and Pre-school, currently providing public access to the Grand Anse Beach, once the multi-million dollar project is completed.

The property directly in front of the day care centre and pre-school where Silver Sands developers are erecting additional project component

The allowed road also leads to a private property to the back of the Day Care centre.

One resident in the area accused the developers of the Silver Sand project of encroaching on the roadway.

He said: “When they (Silver Sands developers) were doing the drain (which runs alongside the road to the beach), they came into the road a bit.

“And to me it doesn’t seem as though the road is 10 feet anymore”, the concerned citizen told THE NEW TODAY.

Head of government’s Physical Planning Unit (PPU) Fabian Purcell confirmed with this newspaper on Monday that ongoing construction work directly in front of the Day Care centre is an addition to the new Silver Sands hotel development, which is being erected adjacently and now directly in front of the Day Care centre and pre-school.

When excavation works commenced in front of the Day Care centre back in June, it was widely speculated that it was associated with the new Silver Sands project.

At that time this newspaper contacted Purcell, who indicated that he had no knowledge of it and that “the Unit did not receive an application” from Silver Sand developers for construction to be conducted on the site.

“I am not aware of that,” Purcell said when asked if the excavation was linked to Silver Sands.

He could not say whether Physical Planning will look into the matter with a view to taking action.

However, Purcell told THE NEW TODAY on Monday, that “it is possible that the Planning and Development Authority could have granted permission for excavation” works before the necessary application was made.

The road between the Silver Sands project and the day care center leading to the Grand Anse Beach

According to law, in order for construction to take place on any site in the country, the Board of Directors of the Planning and Development Authority of the Physical Planning Unit (PPU) must give approval.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the Silver Sands project was officially launched in January 2015, approximately three months before receiving approval by the Planning and Development Authority Board on April 30, 2015.

When construction commenced on the Silver Sands project back in 2015, concerns were then raised as to the impact it would have on the nearby school.

In response, the project developers erected a dust protection screen as a mitigation measure.

A similar screen has been erected to facilitate the construction of the additional phase of the Silver Sands project, which is running well past the announced 18-month stipulated completion date.

When asked, Purcell again declined to provide any information on what the new construction entailed.
Instead he directed THE NEW TODAY to the Physical Planning Unit front desk where “public information” can be accessed with the assistance of the employee stationed there.

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