Shooting in Hermitage

The operator of a gaming operations in Tivoli, St. Andrew is currently assisting police in their investigations into a shooting incident Tuesday night that left one person receiving a gunshot wound to the throat.

21-year old, Stephanie Aberdeen of Hermitage was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit of the St. George’s General Hospital after receiving a gunshot wound allegedly from the business owner identified as Lennox Wells of Tivoli, St. Andrew.

Wells, the holder of a licensed firearm, is the owner and operator of a licensed gaming business.

A source told THE NEW TODAY that the two along with another man were inside the gaming place moments before the shooting.

He said the woman and the other male person were playing on the slot machine and won a game and had to be paid by the shopkeeper.

“I understand that the shop owner went to verify if they had won and how much money he had to pay out. The man was with him and when he came back the money that he kept in a draw to make payments was gone and the woman was not around.

“He (shopkeeper) suspected the woman of taking the money and left the shop to go to her home to confront her about the money. When he reached the house and called out to her a man came out towards him with a cutlass.

According to the source, there was commotion outside the house and the shop owner eventually fired off the gun and the woman was hit by a bullet.

Wells is currently in police custody assisting them with their investigations.

THE NEW TODAY was not able to ascertain the amount of money missing but was told that the business operator had a bag containing several $20 bills.

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