Lovely 1 discontinues service to Grenada

Grenadian traffickers have been dealt a serious blow with the decision of The Lovely 1 passenger ferry to discontinue its services between St. George’s and Trinidad and St. Vincent.

Lovely 1 Captain Neville Wade, who has more than 50 years in the shipping business

THE NEW TODAY understands that the ferry, which started travelling to and from Grenada during the last week in April, left the island on August 23 and has not returned since.

The double-decker boat, which has a seating capacity of 350 persons, operated through local agents Paddy’s Shipping.

It was used as an alternative by traffickers to travel weekly to Trinidad due to the high cost of air travel to fly in the region.

Lovely 1used to leave the St.a George’s port early on Wednesday mornings and returned on Fridays.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the boat owner discontinued service without giving reason.

A source close to the shipping agents told THE NEW TODAY on Tuesday, that on the day before making its final voyage from Grenada, an official “just said hurriedly that tomorrow was the last.”

Unconfirmed reports are that the boat had to go and dock because something went wrong with the engine, while rumours had been circulating for some time that the boat might discontinue the service because of high fees charged by the Grenada Ports Authority.

The Boat’s owner, Captain Neville Wade who has more than 50-years of experience in the shipping business could not be reached for comment on the issue.

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