Grenlec updates customer mapping systems

The Grenada Electricity Services (Grenlec) has embarked on an exercise to update its customer mapping information with a view to enhancing its ability to serve customer needs in an expeditious manner.

One two column pic of some members of the Grenlec team out in the field

According to Grenlec’s Customer Services Manager, Casandra Slocombe, a team of Grenlec workers are currently in the field conducting a house to house audit of customer locations and Grenlec assets.

Speaking with THE NEW TODAY last week Friday, Slocombe said this exercise will continue over the next few months with visits to each customer location and is being done similar to the meter reading service, in which team members would only need access to meters, which are generally located outside buildings.

She is confident that the initiative would “update Grenlec’s system to keep information current” and also allow the company to use customer mapping along with other geographic information systems to respond faster to requests for service.

“Updating the customer mapping information will enhance our ability to quickly locate customers, respond to queries and resolve any power related issues expeditiously,” she added.

In a release issued last week Wednesday, Slocombe encouraged customers who have any queries or concerns to contact Grenlec.

According to the release, the mapping of customer locations is one of a number of upgrades Grenlec has been working on to improve its customer information systems.

In 2015, a pole numbering exercise provided Grenlec customers with an easily identifiable number that allows the company to quickly find and repair problems encountered by customer and street light faults.

Earlier this year, the company also completed an audit of all poles and line locations to update its Geographical Information Systems.

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