China celebrates with Grenada – 68 years as a nation state

The Government of Grenada and People’s Republic of China toasted to the celebratory occasion of the 68th Anniversary of the founding of the Provincial nation, China at a recent cocktail event.

Ambassador Dr. Zhao Yougchen, Governor General, Dame Cecile La Grenade, and Minister of Health, Nickolas Steele raised a toast to the Grenada/China friendship

The event was held at the Radisson Grand Beach Resort on September 21.

Chinese Ambassador to Grenada, Dr. Zhao Yongchen spoke about the Grenada/China relations since the resumption of diplomatic relations 12 years ago.

According to Dr Yongchen, Grenada has become an important cooperation partner and close friend of China.

“During the past 12 years, with the commitment and support of the leaders of both countries, our bilateral relations grow from strength to strength through joint endeavours of our two countries and peoples.
Today China and Grenada are enjoying firm political mutual trust, fruitful practical cooperation and frequent people-to-people exchanges”, he said.

“Our bilateral relations have been further consolidated through high-level exchanges and dynamic cooperation in 2017. These high-level exchanges help the two sides strengthen bilateral cooperation and friendship,” he added.

The Ambassador described the China/Grenada economic cooperation as very productive; adding that a concessional loan of US66 million dollars has been approved for the upgrading of the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA).

“The project will no doubt greatly improve the infrastructure in Grenada and attract more tourists to fabulous Spice Isle,” he said.

He noted that the second phase of the low-income housing project was officially launched and work is due to begin later this year with 647 houses in six separate locations across the country.

Congratulations were extended to the People’s Republic of China on behalf of Grenada by Minister of Health, Nickolas Steele who was standing in for Minister of Foreign Affairs, Elvin Nimrod.

Minister Steele, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that the relations between Grenada and China continue to grow from strength to strength not only through cooperation but through the mutual respect and understanding of each other.

“Evidence of the strength and stability of the Grenada/China relations can be seen through the high-level visits to Grenada by Chinese officials, the continued cooperation most recently with China assisting us with the development or announcing their approval of development of our Maurice Bishop International Airport in the sum of $68 million”, he said.

He also advanced China’s continuous assistance to the government and people of Grenada with respect to housing and mentioned information supplied by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell that within the last week and at a moment’s notice, China committed $60,000 to a disaster fund to assist islands affected in the region by the passage of two hurricanes.

The senior government minister reiterated Grenada’s commitment to the One China Policy and pledges Grenada’s continued relations with China.

As part of the “One China” policy the Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) government was forced to dump the Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan in order to accept an aid package from Beijing in the aftermath of the passage of Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

Prior to this, Taiwan had been providing the island with budgetary support and financial assistance in agriculture, health and sports among others.

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