12-year old loses life in fire

Two families are left homeless and one mother is mourning the death of her child who lost her life in a house fire last Wednesday night in the Tempe area of St. George’s.

Dennisha Dominic

Fire fighters were called to the scene only to find two wooden houses completely engulfed in flames and a mother screaming for her physically challenged daughter who was in one of the buildings.

Unfortunately, 12-year old Dennisha Dominic, who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy perished in the fire.

Information reaching THE NEW TODAY indicate that Dennisha was a victim in a previous fire which resulted in her undergoing extensive treatment.

A police official told this newspaper that her body was found on the floor in what was determined as an attempt being made to escape the building from the raging fire.

There are reports that the mother of the deceased had left her alone in the house asleep and went out for a short time.

The mother said she is baffled as to what caused the fire as she did not leave anything on in the house.

In a video recorded at the time of the fire, the mother was heard screaming, “I did not leave anything on in the house”.

Minister of Social Development and Housing, Delma Thomas and Parliamentary Representative for the St. George North East Constituency, Tobias Clement visited the affected family the day after the fire.

Minister Thomas pledged support and assistance from the ministry to the affected families.

“I must say that it is indeed a tragedy anywhere there is loss of life. I mean the fire is one thing and we know that the family lost everything (but) when it comes to losing a loved one, it is indeed a tragedy for not only the family but the community or even Grenada”, she said.

“Therefore, we want to sympathise with the family on losing the young child and also empathise with them on losing their homes. As a ministry, we would give all the support that we can, not only material wise but you will appreciate that they will need counseling and other support from the ministry and our team will come their way in terms of assisting them”, she said.

MP Clement also mourned the loss of the child.

He said: “Miss Janice (the mother) and her daughter and her family they were friends of mine and family of mine too and it saddens especially when one thinks that the young lady in a disadvantaged position, she tried to get out and she could not, that makes it very, very sad for everyone…”.

THE NEW TODAY contacted the Head of the Fire Department, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Glenroy Corion on Monday and he indicated that the lawmen have still not been able to determine the cause of the fire but investigations are continuing.

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