Benefit Event for Hurricane Relief

The Ministry of Culture will be joining hands with some private local entertainment promoters to host a benefit event in aid of the islands affected by the ravages of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Members of the organising committee for the event

The event is being organised by a group of local promoters – Wayne Greene, Bobby Steele, Golden Promotions, and Waggy T – with the aim of raising no less than $250, 000.00 for the people of Dominica.

Spokesperson for that group, Dexter Mitchell told reporters at a press conference that the event will be held at the National Cricket Stadium at Queen’s Park on October 29.

He said the focus will be on three aspects – a fun aspect for children, praise and thanksgiving and a Calypso and Soca package.

“…We are trying to make it an all-inclusive family event and make it not too much a celebration but an opportunity to give back using the entertainment industry and using entertainers and entertainment”, he said.

According to Mitchell, the event will start at 4.00 p.m. ending at midnight for the sole purpose of raising funds for the Hurricane ravaged islands in the Caribbean.

“…The format will include, family fun segment that will start at four to six and from six to eight, we will have worship and thanksgiving segment that will include performances by Gospel artistes, choirs and so on and then from eight to midnight, you would have normal entertainment, soca artistes, calypsonians and so forth…” he said.

The Spokesman disclosed that the date was specially selected for the event in order to coincide with the World Creole Music Festival to be held in Dominica but has been cancelled due to the passage of the killer hurricane.

Mitchell said: “…We thought that the weekend of the 27th to the 29th would be most appropriate since it would have been the World Creole Music Festival in Dominica.

“…Dominica would have been celebrating the 20th anniversary of the music festival and they have expended a lot in terms of promotion, booking artistes and so on. In fact, personally I am very good friends with the Director of the music festival, Mr. Val Cuffie and I have since been able to contact him and he has given his blessings to events here in Grenada taking place on the weekend that would have been the music festival,” he added.

Mitchell would like to see the proceeds from the Grenada event used for infrastructural development in Dominica.

“We know that a lot of efforts are happening in terms of water and so on but we have to remember that after all that is done, there is the rebuilding phase …to build back the infrastructure.

“…We are looking at (raising) $250,000 and obviously after tomorrow we will be in a better position to announce (if) it will be a lot more than that…”.

Chief Cultural Officer in the Ministry of Culture, Thomas Matthew who also addressed the media stated that the event will be able to show the heart of many Grenadians in giving to Dominica.

“This is an effort, not only to sensitise people to show solidarity but also to bring awareness of just how much Grenadians is giving, willing to give to our brothers and sisters in the region from Cuba to Dominica,” he said.

The cost of tickets for the events has not been finalised as yet and will be given at a later date.

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