NDC Statement on Dominica

The National Democratic Congress, (NDC) at this time expresses our deepest sympathies to the Government and People of the Commonwealth of Dominica in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

We simultaneously offer prayers of gratitude for those lives spared, in the face of this devastating tragedy.
Our Party Leader, Sen. Hon. V Nazim Burke, reached out to Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to express these sentiments, assuring him of the support of the NDC and the entire nation during these trying times.

“The people of Grenada are no stranger to these types of tragedies, we know them and we understand them well, so it is in the spirit of empathy that we offer our support, solidarity and our prayers,” Sen. Burke said.

Calling Dominica one of Grenada’s closest allies and friends, Sen. Burke pointed to their leadership within the region, especially during times of severe disaster, noting that the Dominican Prime Minister is usually the first to respond in times like these.

“It is also for these reasons, that our brothers and sisters in Dominica deserve our unconditional kindness and support,” the Leader said.

Two years ago, Dominica was hit by the passage of Tropical Storm Erika, which Prime Minister Skerrit blamed for setting back the island’s economy by two decades. Whilst we are still to determine the extent of the devastation: infrastructural, economic and social, the NDC calls on the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States and CARICOM to hasten a response to those affected.

The NDC stands ready to do all it can to assist the Government and people of Dominica, in the re-building that must follow.

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