GUT awards TAMCC grants

Twelve first year students at the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC), have had their first year of studies fully covered financially by the GUT Credit Union.

General Manager of the GUT Credit Union Retesha Boyd along with the 12 grant awardees

The ‘TAMCC scholarship grant,’ run by GUT Credit Union was created with the vision of giving students an opportunity to pursue a higher level of education.

The students were awarded during a brief handing over ceremony held last week Friday at the Horizon Plaza in St. George’s.

The grant is open to needy Grenadian students who have completed secondary school and gained acceptance to the college.

Addressing the ceremony, General Manager of the GUT Credit Union, Retesha Boyd said the financial institution has “been doing this grant for a number of years because we understand that as parents you have a financial strain…and sometimes you need a little help and GUT Credit Union is happy to help”.

She told the grant recipients to “take the opportunity and make the best of it” because a number of persons were interviewed since a lot of applications were received.

“…You are the privileged selectees, so don’t let that opportunity go to waste take it, nurture it, use it, so that you could grow from strength to strength…”, she said.

Boyd urged the recipients to grab the opportunity provided and run with it because in today’s world of work, tertiary education is a requirement for a wide range of career paths.

“You have to step up your game and become more and more qualified,” she told the awardees.

Communications Manager, Camille Goddard, stated that since 1983, the GUT Credit Union has been helping persons to achieve their dreams both big and small.

“Today we are pleased to assist in getting you one step closer in making your dreams a reality. So, whether you are just joining the GUT family or you have been a part of this family for a while, we want you to remember that the GUT Credit Union is where you belong,” she said.

The GUT Credit Union will be monitoring the performance of the students and those maintaining a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or higher will become eligible for a renewed scholarship to complete their second year of study at TAMCC.

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