Grenfin Swim meet launched

One of the island’s oldest firms, George F. Huggins has once again taken on the task of being the main sponsor for the annual Grenfin Swim meet held every year to select the Grenada team for the OECS competition.

The local swim event will be held from September 28th to October 1st at the Good Hope Swimming Pool at St. Paul’s.

The Challenge Trophy handed over by Huggins in recognition of their
long-standing CEO, George A. Menezes

A total of thirty-four swimmers will be selected to represent Grenada in the OECS event planned for St. Lucia from November 9-13.

A $5000.00 cheque was handed over last week Wednesday to Grenfin President, Christopher Phillip by Chief Executive Officer of Huggins, Anya Chow Chung at a ceremony held at the main office along the Kirani James Boulevard.

Grenfin’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Rolph Hoschtialek thanked Huggins for its financial contribution to the swim meet.

“I am extremely pleased to welcome back George F. Huggins in the capacity as Lucozade and Lucozade sports as the principal sponsor of this four-day event”, he said.

“If an event is well run, it increases in size. The event is moving from the three-day event to a four-day event. It affords more swimmers time to recuperate from some of the longer events from the first one or two days to go on and compete equally as well in the third and fourth day”, he added.

According to Hoschtialek, the local club has been hosting this national competition for several years with many of the top competitors going on to represent the island in regional and international events with six of its swimmers actually representing Grenada at the Olympics.

Anya Chow Chung, together with Nazima Aziz and President of Grenfin, Christopher Phillip during the handing over of the cheque

Speaking at the launch, the CEO of Huggins gave an insight into the positive things that swimming can do for the nation’s youth.

“The sport of swimming and swimming in general play an extremely vital role in providing an essential outlet for our at-risk-youth facing the myriad and never ceasing challenges which seem to be trying young people these days”, said Chow Chung.

“I know of so many cases in which sports have saved the lives of a young man or woman whereby heart wrenching stress and deep-set anger has been redirected into that competitive spirit”, she added.

The Huggins CEO went on: “…Grenfin and GASA (Grenada Amateur Swimming Association) and the clubs involved in swimming provide a safe haven for our youth and I wish to sincerely congratulate the club for its three decades of wonderful dedication to young people of Grenada”.

The Huggins CEO also presented the George A. Menezes Challenge Trophy which the participating clubs will be competing for in the upcoming swim meet.

Chow Chung described her father who has since retired from the business as “the pride of Huggins for his tremendous accomplishments during his tenure which now spans over half a century”.

Referring to her father as “an avid sportsman in his youth”, the female business executive stated that “sporting activities of all forms have … always been very dear to his heart”.

“We at Huggins also hope that the winners of this challenge trophy, whoever they may be, will share in that deep sense of pride with which we deliver this trophy”, remarked Chow Chung.

GASA President, Peron Johnson who was also present at the cheque handing over ceremony applauded Huggins for coming on board as the main sponsor of the swim meet.

Johnson said it is the goal of GASA to forge linkages with all affiliated clubs within Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique to move the sports of swimming forward in a multi-dimensional manner.

“I take this opportunity to commend the executive of Grenfin for their efforts in organising the upcoming meet with such strong club structure in place, I can say safely that the future of swimming is in good hands,” she added.

Johnson encouraged the swimmers who will be vying for selection to the national team to give off their best in the competition.

“I want to take this opportunity to urge you to make this upcoming competition four days of friendly rivalry, where we would see the outcome of personal best (times) and we would see new records being established…then we all would be happy.

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