Greet Street Playground Spruced Up by Sandals Foundation

Every year the Sandals Foundation invests EC$6500.00 in a project proposed by one of its team members, to assist a community, special interest group, school, church, orphanage or other similar organisation.

This year’s winning ‘Team Member Support Project’ saw the improvement of the Green Street Preprimary School playground.

The project was proposed by Resort Sales Manager, Nasha Smith-Bailey who is both a past pupil of the school, and a parent of a recent graduate of the school.

“This long-standing problem of the playground really stood out to me and I thought it would be worthwhile for the future generations of students. I knew it would be a challenge given the slope of the area. Although the budget did not allow for a complete overhauling of the playground, I knew we could enhance it.”

Public Relations Manager, Deleon Forrester said in spite of the challenges, the Foundation was able to help.

“There was an exposed foundation of a pre-existing structure that posed an obvious safety threat. Also, the steps leading up to the play area was unprotected with no railing and a steep drop to the side. We were able to address those issues and add some colour and engaging elements for the children”, he said.

The project saw the addition of a small play hut, slide, seesaw and an obstacle course, made out of up-cycled storm drain pipes.

With the help of Sandals Foundation volunteers, they were able to complete the project just in time for the start of the school term.

“We thank Sandals Foundation for this contribution to improvement of our facilities which the children are already enjoying”, remarked Carol James, Principal of the school at the ceremonial handing over of the playground.

General Manager, Peter Fraser added, “Playing is one of the most important parts of a child’s life. There are so many benefits to having a stimulating play area, from developing balance, grip, coordination and other motor skills, to cardiovascular development, social development, and the emotional and de-stressing opportunities derived all help to shape the little people who will become the big people we depend on.”

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