Geo. F. Huggins assists two needy families

Being 100% home grown, Geo. F. Huggins in fulfilling one of its mandates in being a good corporate citizen has provided assistance to two very needy families in the form of health and education.

CEO of Huggins Anya Chow Chung presents two tickets to travel to SVG to Jill Beharry

The lending hand from Huggins would help take some of the strain off them.

One family had sought assistance from the company for their daughter to receive a sound education after losing all their belongings to a house fire in June while another needed help to travel overseas to have their daughter walking once again without the help of others.

A ceremony was held at Huggins’ main office last week Wednesday at the GCNA Building along the Kirani James Boulevard to present the family with a laptop and the other with two plane tickets.

During the ceremony, Corporate Marketing Manager at Huggins, Najuma Patrick gave a brief insight into the background of both issues.

Patrick said one of the mother approached the St. George’s business a few weeks ago to seek help for a daughter that had a situation with one of her daughters.

“She required financial (assistance) because her first daughter Brianna had an accident while at school and injured her left leg. She was hospitalised for a period of time and then again she had another injury where she fell for a second time and injured the same leg and her hip and she was again hospitalised.

“…She (the daughter) is unable to walk without assistance – she (mother) indicated to us that she required medical attention that is not available here in Grenada…(and she sought) assistance from the World Pediatric Programme.

Huggins generously presented the mother and her daughter with two tickets to travel to St. Vincent to facilitate the operation which needs to take place.

According to Patrick, the Brathwaite family lost their home with all their belongings due to a fire on June 12.
She said: “They have a teenage daughter 17 year old Jenil Brathwaite…a recent graduate of St. Joseph’s Convent, St. George’s. Jenil, despite whatever challenges she may have had, sat her exams and attained 13 CXC passes with 7 ones.

“…We can see that Jenil is an exemplary student. She indicated that she is going to be starting TAMCC and pursuing Computer Studies…one of the things that’s required for Computer Studies is a computer…

“…Mr. and Mrs. Brathwaite are not in a position to provide this necessity at this point in time for their daughter. We welcome you to the Huggins family, you have now become part of our family.

Patrick expressed the view that the help from Huggins will be put “to good use and will definitely assist in your cause…”.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Huggins, Anya Chow Chung who presented the tickets and laptop to the families, applauded them and their daughters for keeping strong.

“There is one common trait which each employee at Huggins holds very dear and that is that we care. We work for a company that is 100% Grenadian and we care for Grenadians 100%.

“We therefore, see ourselves playing a pivotal role in the well-being and advancement of our Grenadian people especially our young men and women.

“…There was something very particularly and compelling about Brianna’s story and that of Jenil. Both of these young women seem to possess something which is apparently very rare these days – that is that drive and that desire to fight on and beat the odds despite dire circumstances.

Mr. and Mrs. Brathwaite, accepts laptop from CEO Anya Chow Chung

“I want to express unequivocally this morning to these young ladies that they are both inspirations to me and to several of those who have gotten to know their story.

Michael and Judy Brathwaite, mother of Jenil Brathwaite expressed their appreciation to Huggins for the assistance rendered.

The mother and father noted that their daughter “has chosen as a career goal information technology and in that environment communication is extremely important and she really needed a laptop”.

They recalled that during her exam period , the daughter had a phone which she used as a laptop most times.

“…I realised it assisted her quite a lot in finding out the things she needed to because she was always on it.

The phone unfortunately got lost in the fire…”, said the father.

His wife Judy Brathwaite, chipped in: “I would like to say thank you to Geo. F. Huggins for taking this initiative to give Jenil this laptop. We know that it would be very beneficial to her and she would make us as her parent very proud and she would also make the company very proud.”

Jill Beharry, mother of Brianna gave her thank you to Huggins as well.

She said, “I feel overwhelmed and I would like to thank Huggins for this kind gesture that they have given to my daughter as a Grenadian-owned company. On behalf of my family and I, I would like to say thank you to Geo. F. Huggins for assisting me with the tickets to travel to St. Vincent for my daughter’s surgery…words can’t express how grateful I am to Huggins for this kind gesture.”

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