CIBC donates blood donation chair

The Blood Donors unit at the St. George’s General Hospital is now equipped with an additional blood donation chair, through the efforts of CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank.

CIBC Country Manager Nigel Ollivierre and Director of Hospital Services, Esther Henry-Fleary share symbolic handshake standing behind the blood donation chair

The chair, which was purchased in Florida to the tune of $6, 500.00 was handed over to the Pathology department of the hospital last week Wednesday by the bank’s Country Manager, Nigel Ollivierre.

During the brief ceremony, the bank manager who has been a blood donor for over 30 years said that he has first-hand experience of the discomfort of donors in giving blood to the bank at the hospital.

Olliviere said he decided to embark on a drive to source another chair for the unit, which up to this point had only been equipped with two blood donating chairs.

“We are very pleased to make the handover to allow for the Blood Donors unit to be able to do what they do, which is a very important role…I’ve been to the unit on a number of occasions and I have had to sit and wait while the couple chairs were in use”, he remarked.

“So, this third chair would give the opportunity for the unit to be more efficient (and) hopefully more people would feel encouraged to become donors,” he said.

Director of Hospital Services, Esther Henry-Fleary who accepted the chair commended Ollivierre and the bank for rising to the occasion through the initiative.

“It (the blood donation chair) would be of great benefit to the lab,” Henry-Fleary said, adding that “at the moment there is a desperate need for improving our blood supply at the blood bank.”

Donation of blood is a voluntary noble act by an individual to help save lives.

The Blood Donors unit has often complained that apart from lack of facilities it is badly under-staffed.

THE NEW TODAY understands that over the years several Health Ministers and Permanent Secretaries have only been making promises to address the issue.

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