Antoine heads Diabetes Association

Medical doctor, Alister Antoine is the new President of the Grenada Diabetes Association (GDA) following recent general elections.

Dr. Antoine – elected as President of the Diabetic Association

He is supported on the new executive by Roslyn Douglas as Vice-President, Antonia Sandy-Antoine, Secretary, Dr. Roger Radix (MD), Treasurer; and Alexis Simon, the Public Relations Officer.

A GDA release said that the priority for the newly elected body is strengthening the association and building on the foundation already laid.

Since the elections the new Executive has been meeting to draft a strategic plan, and to review the 35-year-old association’s Constitution and By Laws.

According to the release, it is the goal of GDA to provide more support to its branches in St. George, St. David, St. Andrew, St. Patrick, St. John/St. Mark and Carriacou & Petite Martinique as well as stabilise its central office.

The association also gave a commitment to consider initiatives that will assist with the dissemination of relevant and accurate information regarding diabetes and establish additional relationships with local and international partners, governmental and non-governmental.

The new executive also recognised the years of what it referred to as “selfless service and dedication of past and present members, including former President Nurse Rosalind Alexis.

It said: “Nurse Alexis has provided exemplary service in health care especially in Chronic Disease Management, throughout her entire nursing profession. Alexis has also been a mentor to youths; an advocate to the elderly and under-privileged; and offered humanitarian services to a broad section of the community, in a caring and nurtured manner.

“As it relates to GDA, Nurse Alexis has orchestrated several educational sessions, health services and campaigns promoting the prevention and control of diabetes in Grenada.

Although she has stepped down from leadership, she remains committed to GDA”, it added.
Diabetes can be largely a self-management disease and patients are responsible for their own care in between doctor visits.

That responsibility over time can not only be challenging but also discouraging, especially if there is no family or emotional support.

In 2011, the Ministry of Health conducted a survey which showed that 10% of the adult population (25-64) were living with diabetes.

The Ministry of Health recently reported that patients with uncontrolled diabetes coupled with hypertension or another non-communicable disease often stay in the hospital on average six days costing the government approximately $4,000 per patient to treat.

It is the intention of GDA’s new Executive to provide gap services for patients in between doctor visits in areas of prevention and control of diabetes, to compliment the efforts of local health services.

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