Sealy accuses gov’t of not monitoring sexually explicit content

Political Leader of the Grenada Christian Political Party (GCPP), Derick Sealey has called on government to take action to curb the explicit uncensored sexual music and videos being aired locally via the media.

Leader of the Grenadian Christian Political Party (GCPP), Derick Sealy

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper, Sealey blamed the radio, television and Internet for being the main contributing factors leading up to the commission of sexual crimes in the country.

He accused the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) government of not putting the necessary measures in place to monitor the content that is being supplied by the media to citizens.

“The government is to be partly blamed for the sexual crimes that have been occurring in the country. They (government) haven’t put no censorship on the explicit sexual content that comes into our country via the worldwide web and the new technologies that we have – the televisions, computers (and) smart phones et cetera”, he said.

According to Sealey, people use these devices unhindered to access sexual explicit songs/videos and to even make videos of themselves and send them out into cyber space.

“There is nothing that can prevent anyone from getting that type of content – even the smallest child that knows how to use the technology, can access it”, he said.

The GCPP Political Leader stated that he is disturbed that the government is now asking what can be done to arrest the situation.

“Extreme censorship is the answer,” he declared.

Sealy holds the view that another event that has the same effect in causing acts of sexual molestation is the annual Carnival festival dubbed “Spicemas”.

He said this government-sponsored event often see women “virtually naked and raising their legs and exposing their private parts”.

“The sex drive in a man is (the) most powerful drive and men are turned on by what they see. So, when they see sexual parts of a woman, he is set and ready to go”, he remarked.

According to Sealey, if a man is constantly bombarded with this in front of him “the chances are that some innocent woman or child would face the wrath of such a person that has been doctrinated and tempted by this explicit content that the government (has) allowed”.

“The government … are implicit in the crime of sexual abuse that is happening in our country, the crimes of rape and incest et cetera, because of its failure to censor the media…and the media, they are also criminally responsible, he said.

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