NDC: More jobs for the NNP

The National Democratic Congress is appalled and extremely concerned, that the Prime Minister of Grenada, Dr the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell, could so blatantly and shamefacedly announce, under the cover of a national address, the redistribution of the finances of the country for the New National Party’s election campaign.

In what was called an address to the nation on Wednesday evening, the Prime Minister announced that his newly named caretaker, Kate Lewis, who had to leave her Public Sector job to take up this position, will not join the ranks of the unemployed as she has been given a seat in the Senate, and the high paying position of Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education.

Meanwhile, the operatives of the NNP are chanting for the resignation of Senator Ray Roberts, for the stated reason that he is now a caretaker for the NDC, while the NNP will now have three caretakers in the upper House of Parliament. Is it that this country’s resources belong to the supporters of the NNP only?

The NDC is also shocked that after the Panorama debacle which resulted in no competition as a part of the carnival celebrations in 2017, the Minister who presided over this fiasco, Senator Brenda Hood, has now been promoted to advisor to the Minister of Tourism. How could she possibly properly advise the Minister on the important portfolio of tourism, when she already failed in that ministry and was a disaster as Minister of Culture?

This is just more jobs for the NNP boys, while the rest of the country suffers from high unemployment, stagnant wages and over taxation.

A Cabinet reshuffle is supposed to be about improving management of the state, but what was announced by Dr Mitchell on Wednesday, was clearly about party politics, not national development.

While Dr Mitchell announced redistribution of the country’s resources among his party faithful, he told public sector workers that he would see about their pension in about two years, so his party should be given another chance in the elections which are constitutionally due early 2018.

What was presented as a national address was nothing but a NNP position that could easily have been conveyed to members in a party meeting. There was no mention of issues of national importance, such as productivity to stabilise the economy and remove it from life support, sexual crimes against women, girls and boys, the critically high youth unemployment, the citizenship by investment programme which is now under a dark cloud with allegations of corruption and sale of diplomatic passports and the deplorable state of the facilities to care for the mentally ill.

In the face of his administration’s continuing failures and bankruptcy of ideas to move the country forward, Dr Mitchell continues to peddle empty promises, such as reducing unemployment by fifty percent, reinstating public service pensions and making Grenada the country with the lowest rate of poverty in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States. This is simply a man begging to remain in office so that the country’s scarce resources can be kept for himself and his chosen few.

The time has come for the people of Grenada to be more than spectators in their own country, and this address, which was not a national address from the Prime Minister, is a wake-up call for voters that his administration is about his party, not the nation.

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