Boatswain: Talks of diplomatic passport sale is just ridiculous

Senior government Minister, Anthony Boatswain has dismissed reports circulating by an online blogger that a businessman from The Ukraine had dished out US$1,000,000.00 for a diplomatic passport from Grenada someone involved in marketing the island’s passport-selling scheme.

Blogger Kenneth Rijock in his online publication claimed that the individual who allegedly received the money for a diplomatic passport is the Managing Director of a company known to sell passports through Citizenship by Investment Programmes for some Eastern Caribbean Countries.

“I will dismiss that without even much discussion”, Boatswain told reporters at the weekly government post-Cabinet press briefing.

Information suggest that the individual who was promised the diplomatic passport was asked to wire the money to a specific account and although he complied, the passport was not given to him.
According to the blogger, the victim contacted the then Minister with responsibility for CBI to get back his money.

When asked about the allegation, Minister of Boatswain described the blog as being “fake news”.

“It’s a blog, that’s fake news as far as I’m concerned. This thing is totally false as far as we are concerned…it cannot be substantiated.

This gentleman if you read his history, he has a criminal record. I think we all know that and to use a blog which is in most instance fake news…to make this allegation I think it’s just ridiculous…”, he said.

Minister Boatswain stated that what Grenada offers in a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme and not a diplomatic passport initiative.

He said the changes currently being made to the CBI Programme in Parliament is not related to the allegations made by Rijock.

He reiterated that Grenada does not have a diplomatic passport programme but rather a Citizenship by Investment Programme.

“…There is no truth to it and what we are doing in terms of the regulation, improving on the regulatory mechanism is something that started long before this thing came out. It has nothing to do with responding to that because we wouldn’t respond to that because that has no substance, no truth to it and I will dismiss it,” he said.

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