Armed Robbery in Broad Day Light

Police believe that they have made a breakthrough in connection with Monday’s armed robbery in Boca, St. George which left one cooking gas business place losing thousands of dollars.

Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY that two persons have been picked up for questioning and charges would most likely be laid against them.

One of the suspect is said to be from Vendomme and the other from Grand Anse in St. George’s.

At around 12 noon Monday, a Rubis truck filled with cooking gas was held up by two armed men who demanded money from the occupants.

Information reaching THE NEW TODAY indicates that the two robbers, one of which was clad in a camouflaged pants, were able to flee with the help of a driver in a getaway bus that parked nearby.

The robbers got away with over $5000 in cash and one gold chain from one of the occupants of the vehicle.

It is understood that one gun shot was fired in the process.

According to a police source, the two suspects now in custody were apprehended in a bus in the Mirabeau area along with some other persons from Bylands in St. Andrew.

He said that ganja was found inside the vehicle and charges will most likely be laid against the occupants for possession of the illegal drugs.

In addition, The New Today understands that last Friday a Sales Van was robbed at gun point in Mt. Rose, St. Patrick where shots were reportedly fired.

It is possible that police may be treating the two as related incidents.

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