Rainbow Masmen Retain Band of the Year title

The Rainbow City Mas Promoters from the big parish in St. Andrew’s have walked away for the second consecutive year with the national ‘Band of the Year’ title for Spicemas 2017.

Sections of the Rainbow City Mas Promoters, which captured the Band of the Year Title

The 475-member strong band got the nod of the judges with its portrayal of “Fairy Tales” which featured 13 colourful sections.

In a telephone interview with THE NEW TODAY on Tuesday, Chief Promoter, Band leader and Designer, Peter Bain was delighted with the fact that the band was able to recapture the title through a portrayal that almost everyone could relate to.“It’s an overwhelming feeling to come from the country and to win the title twice consecutively…”, he said.

“…It’s a great feeling and I am really proud of the band and the members. I must thank them for their discipline and uniformity throughout the parade”, he added.

The Children’s Band of Rainbow City Mas Promoters, which was more than 200 strong, had earlier captured all the top titles in the Children’s Carnival Frolic (CCF) on August 5, with fairy tale portrayals in seven colorful sections.

Helen Marie captures King and Queen of the Band titles

Helen Marie and Associates won the 2017 King and Queen of the Band titles with its portrayal under the theme “Fantasy Island.”

House of Justice walked away with the 2017 Traditional Mas Band of the Year title and the first prize in the Traditional Mas Pageant, while the band “Unleash” took the first prize in the Traditional Mas Festival, which was held in the parish of St. Mark’s.

Only two bands registered to participate in the Jab Jab Band of the Year category this year – ‘the Big Stone Revelers’ and ‘The Real Jab Jab’, which captured the title this year.

According to the SMC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kirk Seetahal, “there were no Ole Mas bands on the road this year.”

Seetahal told reporters at a press conference that Carib took the title for the ‘Jab Jab Coloured Band’, while the individual Ole mas individual winner was Glenroy Steele, who repeated his win this year.

Lil Natty and Thunda wins Road March title for a consecutive year

The Invaders Apache came out winners in the category called ‘Other,’ which includes a mixture of the Wild Indian, Maypole and Veux Corps et cetera.

The Road March title was won by Lil Natty and Thunda (Dingyaan Henry and Nylon Williams from St. David who won the title last year with “Take it to them” managed to hold onto the crown with their people’s favorite selection, “Top Strikers”.

The two artistes placed second in the 2017 National Soca Monarch Competition with the song, finishing behind the defending and reigning four times Monarch, Jalon “Boyzie” Olive from Sauteurs, St. Patrick’s.

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