Netherlands Insurance give support to Performing Arts

Netherlands Insurance has extended congratulations to event promoters for their support of the performing arts during Spicemas 2017.

Cross section of patrons at 10 to 10 Soca Fete

“It was especially encouraging to see that these events employed a significant number of Grenadian artistes and performers, needless to say all the other services behind the scenes in the performing arts industry”, said Managing Director of Netherlands, Richard Strachan.

He went on to say: “These experiences gave entertainers the opportunity to perform for large audiences to enhance their skill while showcasing the diverse talent Grenada has on offer.

“I applaud event coordinators for using the talent we have right here at home as main acts and as supporting acts which performed alongside other regionally/internationally acclaimed Soca stars”, he said.

This season, Netherlands Insurance continued its support for the performing arts by sponsoring a number of pre-carnival events including 10 to 10 Soca Fete, PreeDay, Extreme White, Rotary Carnival All-Day Fete, Summer Crew ‘Secret Garden’ Mas’ Band and their events over July-August, as well as sponsorship of Conception Dance Theatre to attend CARIFESTA in Barbados.

“I am confident that with the continued support of event promoters, corporate sponsors and the wider public, the performing arts will continue to flourish in Grenada,” Strachan remarked.

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