Good CSEC performance from youngest secondary school

The island’s youngest secondary school, J.W Fletcher Catholic Secondary School is gloating over its outstanding performance in the 2017 CSEC examination.

Laurel Bartholomew – Principal, JW Fletcher Catholic Secondary

According to school principal, Laurel Bartholomew the institution had a 63.76% pass rate with its first set of form five students sitting the exams.

J.W Fletcher was transitioned from a Primary to a Secondary school five years ago amidst controversy under the rule of the 2008-13 National Democratic Congress (NDC) government.

A total of 29 students, comprised of eight boys and 21 girls, wrote the exam this year.

With the exception of only one student, all the other students received passes in several different subject areas.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper on Tuesday, the Principal said that the school secured approximately 14 ones in different subject areas; citing Physical Education with 10 passes – all 1s.

“… In the English A, we have four students getting 1s, Agriculture Science, we had two students getting a 1”, she added.

Out of a curriculum of 23 subjects, Bartholomew disclosed that the maximum number of subjects that were attempted by two students was 12.

“We had one student which is the head boy actually gaining thus far, 10 passes…among them he had two 1s with it. He is still awaiting that of Principles of Business which is one of the subjects that is to be clarified with the CSEC examinations,” she told the newspaper.

She made reference to two students who sat 11 subjects and ended up with 9 subjects and there was another student who wrote 11subjects and passed in seven of them.

“…Our valedictorian for this year would have done 10 and got eight and is awaiting the same Principle of Business,” she said.

According to Bartholomew 100% passes were secured by J.W. Fletcher students in Agricultural Science, Religious Education, EDPM (Electronic Document Preparation and Management), Physical Education, Textile Clothing and Fashion, Food and Nutrition and Technical Drawing.

In addition, in the area of Information Technology, the pass rate was within the 85% mark, Spanish 75%, Geography, 50%, while English, Social Studies and Caribbean History, got a 86% pass.

The principal attributed team work and support from teachers, parents and other stakeholders for the success of the students in CSEC 2017.

“We have a formula here – Character plus academic equals transformation and there were (other) various factors I would say. We have a good support team work in terms of teachers…”, she remarked.

Bartholomew who is the second person to be appointed as Principal of the school praised her predecessor, Elvis Morain, the current Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education for helping to lay the platform for the good performance in the exams.

“…We have what you call a mentorship programme – some of the teachers are assigned to specific students so their task is to motivate them. Then, we have class rep, ..the parent rep… (and) we try to organise what we called class meetings so we can meet with the parents, give them updates, ask for them to help with motivating the students and we’re seeing the reflection of the returns in terms of the measure in, the measure out”, she remarked.

“…I really want to say thank you to teachers, auxiliary staff, parents, various stakeholders. I would say for a young school, already we are proving our mark and I think parents should not hesitate now but to see it as a school that would be a force to reckon with”, she said.

Bartholomew also took the opportunity to congratulate some of the past students of J.W. Fletcher who continue to make a name for themselves.

“I want to send congratulations to some of our students who have graduated in the first year and have now graduated at TAMCC, particularly Akim Williams who was our Valedictorian in the first year. He graduated with honours and he is now off to study in Trinidad and want to wish him all the best in his studies.

“Then we have Anil Frederick, who would have studied Social Work at TAMCC. He too represented his class in Barbados, so he was not there for the graduation ceremony but was down for actual graduation. Then Alicia Bell, she too graduated from TAMCC…”.

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