Police Welfare Association supports education

Fifty-six children who are sons and daughters of police officers were recipients of back to school stationery items and $200.00 in cash for being successful in the 2017 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA).

ACP Trevor Modeste hands monetary contribution to parent

This annual initiative from the Police Welfare Association (PWA) that has been taking place for over 20 years, was held last week Friday at the Red Cross Building on Lucas Street, St. George.

The recipients were encouraged to put the donation to good use at the ceremony that was attended by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Trevor Modeste and officials of the Welfare Association.

In brief remarks, Chairperson Cpl Jessel Grant reminded the recipients that the donations are made possible due to the hard work of their parents.

“Let me say to you students, it is your activity this afternoon. Yes, you might be saying time and time again, mom leaving me, dad leave the family and go to work…these are some of the returns and the benefits that you get when mommy and daddy work hard daily,” she said.

Chairperson of the CPEA Committee within the Welfare Association, Cpl Jason Hagley encouraged the recipients to continue to excel at secondary school, not forgetting that they each have a talent that can be used to contribute something to society.

“You have come to the end of your primary school life and you are about to embark on another journey, a different journey…a journey that will call on you to do more, to be more, to give more of yourself, allowing you to continue to build on the foundation received at the primary school level.

“…We encourage you to embrace your true potential, embrace and develop your talent, your skills, your strength. There will always be persons who are gifted in ways you are not. Remember you are blessed with your own unique gifts. How you use these gifts is what is important.

“You may fail the Social Studies exam the first time, challenge yourself to pass it the next time around.

You may receive a low but passing grade, challenge yourself to receive a higher grade the next time, compete against yourself but always stay focus on your goals and what you want to achieve.

Welfare Executive Member, Inspector Trevor Rodney was full in praise for the work of Welfare Association which he said shows its commitment time and time again to members of the police force.

He said: “We are glad that we can do something like that to demonstrate a commitment as the Welfare Association show you that we in fact care about the success that the students have achieved but I also want to let you know that that success came about because of your commitment, your dedication and the sacrifices that you have made in the lives of these children.

“…Let it serve as a motivation to continue to achieve further and this gesture serves to say to you students and even to you parents that you have succeeded and there is reward and the reward is translated in offering you something tangible that will affect how you do in your school life.

Recipients of CPEA grant from Police Welfare Association

“In the past we would have given cash but we examined it and we realise sometimes cash does not go the way that we want it to go for one way or the other. If that is accompanied by something that is tangible, something that you can receive and hence we purchased that quality of bags, you would notice sitting on the table…not just any bag but a quality of bag that will last for a while and bring some sort of satisfaction and that you would appreciate together with a small contribution of cash that will take care of the other expenses.

ACP Modeste who was representing the Acting Commissioner of Police at the event reiterated the importance of the parents’ roles in their children’s life and how it contributes to the success of the young ones.

“I would like to remind the parents that your children’s success is not their success, that’s your success; it’s you who have been successful, not your children. It’s your children but it is your success and in particular being Police Officers to succeed at this level is very stressful. Police Officers are out there mending and caring for other people’s business and their children and your children, you don’t even have time for them.

“…A society cannot function if the education is not continuing. So, it’s you the parents who train your children so you can have a brighter future. So, please remember it’s you and only you who make your children successful. As parents, you must understand that you should show your children love…”.

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