Police arrest four for drugs

The Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) have carried out another successful raid which resulted in the arrest of four persons on drug-related charges.

Keith Dominique – arrested and charged after being found with 31 pounds of marijuana in his possession

Nabbed were Keith Dominique, 32, of Tempe, St. George, Telescope, St. Andrew resident, Nealon George,36, along with Darbeau, St. George residents, 32-year-old Anicha Mitchell and her father 70-year-old Garvin Patrice.

The four who were slapped with conspiracy and other drug related charges in connection with the recovery of 31 lbs of ganja, were granted bail last week Thursday when they appeared before Magistrate Tahira Gellineau at the St. George’s No.2 Magistrate’s Court.

Dominique, Patrice and George were placed on $90, 000.00 bail while the lone female apprehended was granted $60, 000.00 bail.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the drug suspects were apprehended by members of the Drug Squad last week Monday and Tuesday as part of their ongoing investigation into the illegal drugs which carry an estimated street value of $70,308.00.

Police reportedly intercepted the marijuana in a car driven by Dominique in the vicinity of Mt. Gay. St George.

Dominique who was arrested last week Monday was the lone person in the vehicle, which was traveling in the direction of the Town of St. George.

Police investigation also led to the arrest of the other three suspects, who were apprehended last week Tuesday at different locations on the island.

The four appeared before the No. 2 Magistrate’s Court on a joint charge of Conspiracy to trafficking in a controlled drug.

However, Dominique, George and Patrice are facing additional charges of Possession of a controlled drug and Trafficking in a controlled drug.

Patrice and his daughter have retained criminal attorney-at-law, Peter David, while Attorney-at-Law, Francis Paul is assisting George.

Dominique, on the other hand, did not retain counsel but accepted an offer to be represented for the purpose of bail by Attorney David, who was also holding for Attorney Paul.

The Police Prosecution team objected to bail being granted to Patrice and his daughter, who are both already on “two sets of bail” for allegedly committing similar offences.

The Court was also informed that Patrice has a record of six previous drug related convictions dating back to 1986.

Attorney David argued that the prior convictions for which Patrice was fined are relatively old matters and should not be the basis for the court to decide whether bail should or should not be granted to him.

36-year-old Nealon George, (l) 70-year-old Garvin Patrice (c) and his 32-year-old daughter Anicha Mitchell (r) were all arrested in connection with the drug find

He urged the court to have compassion on his 70-year-old client noting that “he is just recovering from an ailment and that “the idea of conspiracy is going to be hard to prove.”

The attorney also pointed out that the police prosecutor did not object to bail for Dominique in whose possession the drugs were found but objected to bail for his clients, who were not found with any drugs in their possession.

He reminded the court that the primary objective of bail “is to ensure that persons come to court,” and that “there is no issue of them not coming to court”.

“They will come to court, there is no allegation of them being in possession of drugs,” he quipped.

After listening to a very heated exchange between Attorney David and Cpl Swan, Magistrate Gellineau took the decision to grant bail to Mitchell in the sum of $60, 000, while her father, Patrice, along with George and Dominique, were placed on $90, 000 bail.

The four drug suspects are scheduled to reappear in court on November 13.

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