Troubled IMANIS

Junior Minister for Youth and Religious Affairs, Senator Pamela Moses has disclosed that thirty-three (33) young persons under the IMANI Programme might be expelled from the programme if their attitude towards training is not improved.

Speaking at a sitting of the Upper House of Parliament, Sen. Moses said the youngsters who could be affected are not disciplined enough to do what is expected of them as trainees.

“We have 33 young people who have serious problems. They can’t keep their jobs, which is job training.

They cannot stay on the job site. They don’t go there every day. They don’t get there on time and they have issues with respect (and) discipline”, she said.

“I would like to report and I think I did last time that we had training for these 33 young people and I want to report that they have completed that training”, she added.

According to the female Parliamentary Secretary this is the final opportunity being given to the 33 young Imanis to be placed on a job site.

“…If these 33 young people, if they are not able to function then I would like to say that our Ministry would not be able to do much for them anymore because these are trainees that have been placed before, a second time, a third time.

“So, we have taken them out from the areas and given them specific training that would help them to cope and we trust that the training will be able to assist them and that these 33 young people should be able to get to their work sites on time. We hope that they will be able to show up there every day, properly dressed and with good positive attitude.

Sen. Moses is expected to contest the rural St. Patrick East seat for the ruling New National Party (NNP) in the upcoming general election.

She told fellow legislators in Parliament that government has done as much as it can to assist those Imanis who are not living up to expectations.

She said that government has sought to offer assistance to the Imanis through training in conflict management, as well as displaying positive attitudes in the work place, finding a vision and purpose in life after they have been exposed to communication skills, relationship skills.

She added that after this is done the troubled Imanis are placed back in the work places.

“…If after we have done all of this and it hasn’t worked out…all of our efforts to make sure that they make a good contribution to society, if we fail then Mr. President, I will like to say that we would obviously have to end our engagement with these people.

The NNP is using the Imani programme as its flagship to try and tackle youth unemployment in the country.

Recent statistics provided by the Washington-based International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimated that 50% of the youth population on the island are unemployed.

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