Terra Caribbean moves to a brand new home

Real Estate company, Terra Caribbean has launched The Red Book Grenada from its new office location at the Spiceland Mall.

Speaking at the launch, Managing Director of Terra Caribbean, Maria LaTouche said, “We are having a double celebration. We are happy to officially open our new ultra modern office here at Spice land Mall and of course to launch The Red Book for Grenada, a beautifully designed publication showcasing Grenada’s unique real estate offerings.”

President of the Creative Group, Dr. Anselm LaTouche commended his team for the excellent work done on the new office and the inaugural publication of The Red Book.

“Terra Caribbean is the gate for many of the clients coming to the Creative Group of companies and we thought it important to improve and expand our presence in Grenada”, said Dr. LaTouche.

The new Terra Office and the launch of The Red Book both illustrate the growth and development Terra Caribbean has made in Grenada and indeed the growth of the Grenada real estate Market.

In her own remarks, Maria LaTouche said: “It was very important to us to produce something that is both informative and interesting. At Terra Caribbean, we pride ourselves on our thirst for knowledge, which allows us to better inform and guide our clients in the real estate industry.

“The information gathered and collated in this publication represents a team effort from both our internal members of staff and the external experts in our industry. With Grenada poised for a great future, it is our hope that by reading this publication you get a glimpse into the opportunities for investment and the direction of the industry”, she added.

Also speaking at the launch was CEO of the Grenada Industrial Development Corporation Che Keens-Douglas who commended Terra Caribbean on their new marketing initiatives and as he leafed through The Red Book complimented Terra Caribbean on the quality of the publication.

The Red Book published by Terra Caribbean serves as the definitive guide to real estate and investment in Grenada.

It has also been published in Barbados for the last 10 years and considered to be successful in attracting the attention of multi-million dollar investors in Barbados.

It is hoped that Grenada will have similar success.

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