Where are the cojones?

Grenadians love to boast about being a Christian country, yet we have repeatedly put in power, a man who shows little respect for biblical teachings and examples.

In both the old and new testaments, men are urged to respect women, but unless there was a scarcity of quality men, women were always admonished not to usurp the leadership roles of their men.

Over the years, doc has been tilting the leadership balance of the Eh Nen Pee in favour of women. Based on performance, none of these women can truly be said to be of prime ministerial material.

The natural question is, what quality of men does the Eh Nen Pee have? Is this why the doc keeps saying he can’t see anyone to replace him? If I were Gegree, Toe-knee or Cutlass Man, I would immediately resign in the face of this insult.

It appears that the doc only wants women and yes-men around him. The women are grateful for the positions he puts them in (no pun intended) and the Eh Nen Pee men seem to lack that dangling bit of masculinity that would allow them to see themselves as doc’s equal.

The fecklessness of Gegree, Toe-knee and Cutlass Man has led to the establishment of a one-man dictatorship, propped up by a growing retinue of women. It is not the women’s fault because if the Eh Nen Pee males had any ‘cojones’, this situation would not have developed.

To avoid a harsh judgment, Grenadians must take the first opportunity to stop the doc’s madness as he tries to hold on to power for the sake of introducing same-sex ‘marriage’, casinos, and other types of unchristian vices. Remember he has been ‘to hell and back’. Don’t let him take us there next time.

The Eye Man

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