The struggles of Panorama

CEO of Spicemas Corporation (SMC), Kirk Seetahal, has reiterated that Panorama continues to be a major challenge for the state-influenced body.

However, Seetahal told reporters at a press briefing that despite the problem all is not lost as Panorama is considered as a work in progress.

He said the SMC has continuously tried working with the Pan Association and will continue the work to ensure that Pan meets its full potential.

“Sometimes in the interest of the product and the culture we want to encourage people to … try something different. Often it is met with resistance in the meeting and then you see something else on television but it is continuously a work in progress,” he added.

According to Seetahal, at Pan Expression held earlier this year, there was a call for Panorama to be moved to Tanteen as it is more accommodating but it was not given the go-ahead by the members of the SMC governing board.

“You know you can really relate to pan but it meets objections not with the pan lovers or the spectators but with the members. So it’s always a conversation that we are having. They reach out to us, we reach out to them but maybe eventually we’re going to have to put the egos aside and decide what’s best for pan in general and sometime try something new and let us see how it works.

“…When you go to Panorama in Trinidad it is family atmosphere; you know, there is so much happening. You can bring your blanket, you can bring your cooler; it starts a lot earlier (so) that you can bring your children out – there is bouncing castles, there (are) all sorts of different things happening. So, it’s a family event and the argument is always because of the competing shows, we don’t go to Panorama. I am sure if I ask many of you here, if there is not a competing show will you be at Panorama, many of you might say no…”.

“I know after this interview I am going to get beat up by the pan association because that’s how it continuously happens but I am interested in the betterment of the product and Spicemas in general and I would be honest about my feelings.

Panorama will be held at the National Stadium at Queen’s Park on August 12th.

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