Rootsman Kelly tops semi-final round of Calypso competition

“It’s a great feeling, it gives me confidence that I am doing something really good and I know once I continue on that trend there would be no stopping in 2017 and beyond”.

Rootsman Kelly

Those were the words uttered by Kelly “Rootsman Kelly” Clyne of the Kingman Calypso Tent following Sunday’s semi-finals in the Melody/Papitette national calypso monarch competition held at Progress Park in St. Andrew.

The Rootsman who came second in the finals in 2015 and 2016 topped both the preliminary and semi-final rounds of the competition this year.

He amassed 480 points, 11 points more than the 469 he received in the preliminary round of competition with his selections, “Another WMD” and “Cut it out.”

The calypsonian who is from Marlmount, St. David believes that he can go all the way to capture the monarch title on Dimanche Gras night on August 13.

“The people really appreciate the songs and I am looking forward to the finals. It will be a different ball game to the semi-finals because that’s where we bring everything in a visual form, we portray the songs through the presentation and you know everybody would be at their very best,” he said.

“So I intend to bring the game on a different level this year and I intend to create that wow effect so that there wouldn’t be any cause for the judges to be able to deny me the title this year,” he added.

The calypsonian occupying the 2nd position following Sunday night’s show was Sheldon Douglas from the Break Away Calypso Tent on 456 points, with his renditions “Doh Cross Trump” and “Come and see.”

There was a three-way tie for position number three on 452 points with Sean “Sour Serpent,” Niles, who sang “The real stakeholders,” and Too young to come,” along with Jason “Big J” Joseph, with his selections “No sense” and “Ah start to bark” and Micah “Baraka” Joseph who did “Dungeon” and “Youth man”.

The sixth place was taken by Break Away Tent artiste, Brendon “Killa B” Mc Kie, who hails from the sister isle of Carriacou, scoring 447 points with his renditions “Family” and “1 cent can’t change.”
Placing seventh was newcomer to the competition Stanley “Campus” Matthew on 446 points, with his selections “Just tell them” and “For Kaiou.”

Laura Richardson aka “Laura Lisa” placed eighth on 445 points, with her renditions “A cry for help” and

Judge me” while veteran calypsonian, Edison “Teacher Eddie” Francis placed ninth on 440 points with his renditions “Forget to remember” and Ah cyan live in hope.”

Another calypsonian from the sister isle, Jermaine “Super Star” Simon placed tenth on 439 points, with her selections “Break the Silence” and “Say a prayer.”

These are the 10 calypsonians who will challenge reigning Calypso Monarch, Finley “Scholar” Jeffery, who has won the title 8 times.

The reigning monarch, who is the Manager of the Kaiso Bards Calypso Tent graced the stage at the semi-finals, giving patrons a taste of what to expect from him on Dimanche Gras night.
Scholar has already indicated that he is more than ready to defend his crown.

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