New products for local market

A new product utilising local mangoes, bananas, ginger, soursop and moringa is due to hit the market by this weekend.

The initiative is the brainchild of senior police officer, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Trevor Modeste.

The products will be marketed under the trade name, Pam’s Choice.

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper on Tuesday, ACP Modeste said the products can be considered as a health food and that no additives or preservatives are being used in the processing.

“It’s a food for athletes”, he said, adding that it can be considered as an alternative to those who might be tempted to use banned substances to enhance their athletic performances.

ACP Modeste is a former national athlete and gold medal winner in Javelin at the OECS and CAC level.

He is awaiting machinery on order in China to help boost production.

According to ACP Modeste, the project is a work in progress and the plans include construction of a small plant in the near future.

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