Lit Natty and Thunda tops semi-final round of Soca Monarch Competition

“Top Strikers!”

That’s the name of the song performed by ‘Lil Natty and Thunda’ in their winning performance during the Soca Monarch semi-finals, held at Progress Park in St. Andrew last week Friday.

The singing duo, Dingann Henry and Nyelon Williams, representing the “Wuss ways family,” topped the list with 242 points to move into the finals on August 11 at the national stadium at Queen’s Park.

Lil Natty & Thunda

‘Lil Natty and Thunda’ finished two points ahead of their closest rivals, Luni Spark and Electrify, Kellon and Kelson Ogiste, who has won the title 3 times over the years.

During their performance, the former monarchs sang “Natural disaster, a song that took a swipe at “Top strikers”, the song done by ‘Lil Natty and Thunda’.

Responding to questions posed by reporters in relation to the musical attack, the former monarchs had this to say.

“It’s good vibes…at the end of the day, we are in a competition…we know the environment is around the Top Strikers, they have an excellent tune”, they said.

The St. Patrick’s artiste also admitted that reigning monarch, Boyzie also has an excellent tune but “this is the competition and at the end of the day any artiste (is) going to pick on another artiste and have a vibes going on”.

The brothers went on to say: “So they come for football tonight and we come to murder. It’s a love and good vibes, so don’t mix it up”.

Almost every artiste that graced the semi-final stage took a bite out of the singing duo, who hails from St. David’s, with their people’s favourite track, including veteran soca artiste, Elimus ‘Inspector’ Gilbert, who copped the third position on 327 points.

With his rendition, “Uncle still relevant,” Inspector sought to convince the crowd that he is still relevant.

Commenting on his selection, ‘Uncle Specky,’ as he is affectionately called had this to say: “In this business we have to watch what (is) happening. We have a different generation…the thing different now, them young guys bad, they good, the Boyzie, the Wuss ways, they (are) good and they have their young audience jumping for them,” said the veteran, who has a total of 11 titles under his belt.

“I want to be in the mix and to be in the mix, you have to be creative and this is what I did,” he added.
Inspector indicated that in the final round of competition, “uncle have to show that he is more relevant, because the young people coming out (to support) their artist and I want them to jump and wave for me (also).”

In fourth position was reigning Groovy King, Shondell “Dash” Amada on 319 points with his selection “Scatter.”

Dash was followed by newcomer to the semi-finals Kevon “Blaze” Francis, who placed fifth on 315 points with his selection and peoples favourite “King.”

Carriacou’s Brendon “Killa B” McKie placed sixth on 311 points, with his selection “King Kong.”

He was followed in seventh position by another newcomer to the big stage, Keron “Lil Kerry” Noel on 303 points with his selection “Dynamite.”

“Amazing” was Lil Kerry’s choice of words to express how he feels to finally make it past the preliminary round of competition.

“I have been trying for a couple of years and I finally got a chance and I am loving it,” he said.
Placing eighth on 296 points was Javis “Muddy” Cuffie with his tune, “Say a prayer.”

He told reporters that it’s a “remarkable experience” to perform the song for the very first time on the semi-final stage.

“This is the first time (that I am) performing this song. Ever since I released it I never sang it anywhere. So this actual performance for me and to see how the people gravitate to it…I love it,” he said.
Ninth position went to Sheldon Douglas, who sang “Wreck kit” scored 291 points, while reigning Calypso

King, Findley ‘Scholar’ Jeffery copped the tenth position on 289 points, with his rendition “Cut and paste.”
Scholar who expressed satisfaction with his performance explained the concept of his song.

“Well this is kinda the direction that soca is taking really, and people can relate to this. You hear things this year that I am sure you heard in previous years…so it seems like they have cut, cut, cut and paste things year after year,” he said.

According to the reigning calypso monarch, the “song is not directed at anyone really but it’s just how the Soca is evolving”.

Sherwin “Mr. Walkie” Paul, who had topped the preliminary round of competition with his selection ‘Drama,’ had to settle for eleventh position on 288 points, tying with Keishon “Squeeze Head” Hazard and Candle with their selections “We doh stopping” and “Doh Panic”.

Kenton “Bubba” Aston placed 15th on 286 points, while Andrew “Hitz” Phillip and Valene Nedd copped position number 15 on 285 points with their rendition “Show them.”

Jason Philip and Prince Andrews “Cloud 5,” placed 16th on 284 points with their selection “Unleashing the beast.”

The 16 contestants, will come up against reigning Soca Monarch Boyzie on Fantastic Friday on the Big Stage at the National Stadium at Queens Park in St. George’s.

Boyzie came on the scene in 2012, becoming the youngest artiste to make it into the finals.

That year he took the 2nd spot in the national competition with his track, “Born Troublesome.”

In 2014, he won the crown with another of his hit tracks entitled “Mass Everywhere” and defended successfully in 2015 with a song called “Battalions” and again in 2016 with “Bullseyes.”

If Boyzie retains the title this year, he will make history by becoming the first soca artiste to win the title for four consecutive years.

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