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Founder of the Grenadian Christian Political Party (GCPP), Derick Sealey, has expressed disappointment with the manner in which Grenadians are being treated when it comes to the introduction of National Health Insurance (NHI) in the country.

Founder of the Grenada Christian Political Party (GCPP) Derick Sealey

The NHI, which is in its technical development stage, is expected to make available a basket of universal health services to citizens, who are being automatically electronically registered to access the proposed benefits upon receipt of healthcare services at the nation’s hospitals and health clinics.

In an interview with THE NEW TODAY last week Thursday, Sealey expressed disappointed with what he describes as “limited consultations with the people and what appears to be secrecy and silence generally on the NHI”.

“National Health Insurance is as big as the past referendum, or even bigger,” declared Sealey, who holds the view that “it (NHI) should be advertised by a vehicle with a Public Address (PA) System all over the country in the various villages where consultations are to occur”.

“That is not happening not even on television or radio,” said Sealey, as he relayed to this newspaper his surprised reaction on the morning of July 26, (last week Wednesday) when he turned on his “television to look at “To the point’ programme, (which is aired) on the Grenada Broadcasting Network (GBN), to be greeted by a soft launch of the National Health Insurance.

“That launch was not even announced in the news the night before, so there I was tuning in late…but if I had known the night before, I would have tuned in on time because I have an interest in health insurance,” he remarked.

Sealey believes that “with the “implementation of the NHI, the government is facilitating the ‘Mark of the Beast’ that is spoken about in Revelation Chapter 13,” and expressed strong belief that his party, “the GCPP is being raised up by God to raise awareness and rescue the Grenadian people…preparing them to meet their creator.”

“I think the real big reason for national health insurance is to issue the ‘Mark of the Beast’ to all the Grenadian people from two months old and upwards, made compulsory by law,” he said.

He added that the ‘Mark of the Beast’ is a worldwide ID system, by card or by micro-chip (which) is being pushed by the new world order and is being facilitated by the governments of the world.”

“That’s the reason for the non-consultations, secrecy, and silence that seems to be going on with this national health insurance. The ‘Mark of the Beast’ is here and the ID card (that) the NHI will be issuing is the mark of the beast for Grenadians,” he remarked.

“The chip that was first placed in the beast now being placed on man,” he said, referencing the recent undertaking by United States company Three Square Market (32M), a River Falls-based software design company which has announced that as of this Tuesday (August 01) it will become the first to offer microchips to its employees, which will be implanted underneath the skin between the thumb and forefinger and will allow employees to pay for food and drinks in the company’s break room, open security doors, and log in into their computers without any special cards or passwords.

During last week Tuesday’s event, Health Minister Nicholas Steele announced that persons are automatically being registered once they access healthcare in the country and affirmed that the NHI is not a political thing.

“The need to access healthcare does not draw political lines and the disease burdens that threaten our nation have nothing to do with politics, said the health minister, who emphasised that “each and every Grenadian needs to recognise that health care should and will, as of today become a right and access to that basket of care is a right, should not and will not be delayed denied and will ensure that it is at the best quality not at the expectation of that public servants or the politicians but of the people of Grenada.”

The GCPP leader took issue with this expressing concern about the treatment that would be dished out to “people who refuse on religious grounds to be registered for NHI, those who believe that the registration process and the ID card you receive for NHI is the mark of the beast”.

“Would there be health care provided for those persons also? Would it be healthcare for all regardless of their political persuasions?” he asked.

Additionally, he noted that, “employers, employees and government will be financing the NHI.”

He said, “the people that most likely pay taxes will be the employees, employers, and the government; that sound like NIS to me…the people outside of that, how would they pay?

Sealey feared that they “want to keep some of us outside of the tax net so as to say we have no say because we cannot contribute to the healthcare.”

He argued that “they (the government) should put taxes on cigarettes, alcohol and electronic gadgets, because they know these things will kill you faster and create a greater health challenge”.

He also expressed the view that “they (government) are not doing it so they would always have a loophole or an excuse to say well that coverage for some health complications are not covered with respect to the NHI.”

According to Sealey, a GCPP government will move to “ban and discourage” persons from buying these life-threatening items by placing extremely “high taxes on them…so that it would be hard to buy.”

He conceded that while this would not be an easy task to achieve, “we will show people from the bible, what God says about uncleanness”.

“When you smoke cigarette your teeth, lungs and breath get dirty, and no uncleanliness, drunkard could go to heaven. So when we tell you what the word of God says, you have to be a fool to continue wanting to indulge in which there is no gain”, he said.

Sealey called on the Keith Mitchell-led NNP government to “be serious and truthful with the Grenadian public, about implementing the NHI in humane and non-political manner.”

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