RGPF promises a safe Spicemas 2017

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) intends to follow its motto of “protect and serve” as it puts plans in place for the 2017 Carnival Season.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Jessmon Prince hosted the media conference on behalf of RGPF

The plans of RGPF were outlined in a press conference hosted Tuesday by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Jessmon Prince at police headquarters at Fort George.

ACP Prince unveiled plans for greater law enforcement efforts and an increase in stops and searches of persons attending major shows during the carnival festival.

He said that patrons can expect “assertive policing” at every event to assure members of the public that the police force is prepared to ensure a safe and secure environment during the period to the best of its ability.

“The objective of our plan is to create and sustain an enabling environment that ensures the safety and security of all citizens, visitors and spectators during the carnival period,” he added.

According to ACP Prince, certain strategies will be implemented by law enforcement officers including public education, as well as assertive law enforcement activities at the community level and the complete mobilisation of the police force during the period of the festival.

These, he said will be used to achieve the objective that is set out by the force.

ACP Prince told reporters that the public can expect a gradual increase in law enforcement presence in and around hot spots, towns and communities across the island.

However, he urged homeowners and neighbours to continue to do their part by “exercising their responsibility to properly secure and protect their homes and properties while looking out for each other during their absence”.

“The public will also see police check points throughout the state of Grenada. They would also see an increase of foot and mobile patrol on the outer perimeter of events to include random searches,” he said.

ACP Prince disclosed that the police will be engaged in pre-checking of persons for tickets before they reach the entry gate at every carnival event being held at the National Stadium and Progress Park.

“We would see random screening and searching upon entry into these facilities. We would also see the presence of an anti-disruption unit through the capability of ejecting persons or a group of persons whose motive is to disrupt these events”, he said.

“…For all major events from J’ouvert to last lap on Tuesday midnight, you will see check points at strategic locations entering into the towns where these events are going to be hosted and venues. Also to control what comes in and what goes into these venues,” he added.

The high-ranking police officer gave a break down on what will not be allowed into the carnival shows by RGPF.

He said: “Prohibited items as it is customary would not be allowed to enter the National Stadium. So persons with licensed firearms need to take note of that. Persons who are in possession of flame throwing apparatus, also need to take note of that…open flames will not be allowed and aerosol cans will also not be allowed at these venues”.

ACP Prince stressed that carnival will be a ‘no glass bottle celebration’ and that all glass bottle drinks will have to be sold in plastic cups.

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