Claudette Joseph committed to restoring the town

Former Parliamentary Representative for the Town of St. George and Ex-Speaker of the House of Representative, George McGuire has warned female attorney-at-law, Claudette Joseph of the task that lies ahead for her.

NDC Caretaker for the town of St. George Claudette is in company with the former MP for the town of St. George, George McGuire

Speaking Monday night at a ceremony held at St. Joseph’s Convent auditorium to endorse Joseph as the Caretaker of Congress in the city seat, Mc Guire told the female politician that she has a task to restore the town of St. George.

The former Education Minister and Principal of the Grenada Boys’ Secondary School made specific reference to the needs to restore the Forts, Public Library and Churches in the St. George’s area.

“St. George’s is the great city of the Americas, we have Forts, we have Libraries, we have Churches and I mention this because this is a challenge to Claudette. You have to restore our Forts.

“Could you imagine, in this little Grenada we cannot boast of a Library, one library and what about York House…our churches, the challenge would be great…”.

In her acceptance speech to the large crowd in the audience, Joseph said that the work ahead goes beyond those things and that she was committed to also working along with the help of the people to fulfill their desires.

She spoke of having firsthand knowledge of the difficulties faced by some of the people in the town of St. George.

“I am not just relying on my own experience. I have been in anticipation of becoming the Caretaker, engaging people and hearing directly from them”, she said.

The NDC Caretaker charged that the people of the town have not had “proper representation” by their elected Members of Parliaments over the years.

“…The people of Four Roads and the surrounding areas…I say to you together we will fix that…”.

“….The people of River Road and Darbeau, you need a community centre functioning again. Those who live on government lands, they need their status rectified so that they can use the same land to secure loans to repair their home.

“Some of them need proper toilet facilities…the youth in these areas need more community-based activities and to the people of River Road and Darbeau. I say together we will fix that.

“The people of Park Lane and H.A. Blaize Street need back Marryshow Pasture – we go fix that too”.

Joseph made specific mention of Archibald Avenue and Tanteen as areas of focus for her in the battle to become the next MP for the constituency.

“The people of Tanteen and surrounding areas want to see an upgrade and better utilisation of Old Trafford Playing Field…we can fix that too together. The Wharf people want to see The Carenage revived and come back even better than its former glory days and to my fellow Wharf people I say together we will fix that,” she said.

The female attorney-at-law told the endorsement ceremony that her aim is to continue working with the Willie Redhead Foundation for the restoration of the town of St. George.

She said: “I read an article recently published by the Willie Redhead Foundation and in it the foundation said that despite its challenges, the city of St. George has enormous economic and cultural potential, just waiting to be explored…I could not agree more.

“…I already have a good relationship with the Willie Redhead Foundation…and I am passionate about restoring and preserving…other national heritage of Grenada especially the town. Therefore, I stand ready to work with the community, including groups such as the Willie Redhead Foundation and together we will fix our national heritage of the town,” she added.

Joseph is said to be confident of winning the seat in the upcoming election which Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has said will be held “very soon”.

The new NDC Caretaker is doing battle against fellow attorney, Peter David, the former General Secretary of Congress who is now a member of the ruling New National Party (NNP).
Joseph is believed to have helped in David’s campaign in the 2003 and 2008 elections on the NDC ticket.

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