Forrester: No personal gains from NNP

“I never earned a salary over the past 33 years from the party nor the government.”

Those were the words uttered by former Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the ruling New National Party (NNP), Terrence Forrester as he addressed a press conference Monday at the Tropicana Restaurant Conference Room on the Lagoon Road.

Forrester has had a public spat with the party after Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell brushed aside his attempt to be considered as a possible candidate for the NNP in the upcoming general elections.

The senior executive member used the occasion to address comments made by members of the public that he was ungrateful towards the NNP as he benefitted a lot from the party over the years.
Forrester told reporters that this is totally untrue since he never held any paid position with the NNP regime.

“Over the past few days I have heard comments on radio that I was greedy, that I was power hungry, I was ungrateful, I want to mash up the NNP if I didn’t get my way and that I did not meet the criteria for a Diplomatic Passport and that I have benefitted so much from the NNP.

“I want to say to you that I have benefitted nothing from the New National Party, For 33 years, I served without one penny and I challenge anyone to do research at the Ministry of Finance. I served pro bono, I served voluntarily because that is just my nature to serve.

“At no time I was even offered a salary and at no time did I ask for a salary. I served, that is just some of our nature…some have to serve; others have to do other things…”.

According to Forrester, the record will show that almost every request he made to the Prime Minister and ruling party was turned down.

“So I would only want to say to those critics and I know them well, that you are sadly mistaken my friends. I never earned a salary over the past 33 years from the party nor government.

“I never received any government scholarships for my three children when they went to universities abroad. I recalled just on one occasion, I made a request for one of my sons to attend SGU and that too was turned down.

“So I am used to getting turned down by this New National Party Administration but I guess I was a good actor over the years. Maybe I should have been in Hollywood, to show a great smile and to pretend that everything is nice and dandy… that was me.

“I would want to say though that I was not as fortunate as one of his (PM Mitchell) very close friends who received scholarships for all his four, five, or, six children and he is well off… I say no more.

Forrester told reporters that he is not perturbed by those who are now criticizing him for standing up to the “dictatorial tendencies” being displayed by Prime Minister Mitchell.

The barrage against the embattled NNP executive member is taking place on those FM radio stations that are known to be aligned to government.

Forrester said: “…Let me say to those critics who I know very well as I said that I am not distracted by your pointless criticisms because the only taste of success some people will have in life is when they get the opportunity to take a verbal bite at you. I consider myself somewhat as a tree that does not bother about flowers that fall because it is always making new blossoms.

“…So it is not about what I have lost, it’s about what I can still grow and blossom and how my creator sees me because I was created to succeed, designed to win, equip to overcome, anointed to prosper and bless so I can be a blessing to others,” he added.

Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY that PM Mitchell had also turned down requests made by Forrester for an appointment in the Senate and to be given an overseas diplomatic posting.

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