David Allard: The vehicle is mine

A St. Andrew’s man who currently lives at Morne Jaloux is calling on the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) to thoroughly launch an investigation into the stealing of his vehicle.

David Allard wants his vehicle retrieved from the person who stolen

David Allard walked into THE NEW TODAY newspaper on Tuesday morning completely annoyed at RGPF for allegedly giving ownership of his vehicle to the man who allegedly took it away from his house.

According to Allard it was sometime in April that he purchased a vehicle through a contact he named as Sherwayne George.

He said that George apparently knew the person who was selling the vehicle and he (Allard) handed over thousands of dollars to him to make the purchase.

“In April, I went to purchase a vehicle from a gentleman in Gouyave. The person who brought me to buy the vehicle called him on the phone. I spoke with him, we made arrangements to test drive two vehicles.

We did agree that I would take one of the vehicles and bring it down to St. George’s. I got in the vehicle, I took it home because it wasn’t licensed and insured and I came back with Sherwayne George who was the one who initiated the whole scene in the first place.

“….Sherwayne George had a rental from the same guy. He told us to meet him in the back of Andall supermarket. When we went to the back of the supermarket he was not there, we waited for him. While waiting, I checked seven thousand dollars and I gave to Sherwayne, I said when he comes just give him the money and let me get my receipt. When I gave Sherwayne the money, he got up, he went on the phone, he walked towards the bus terminal, he came back, he gave the man the money but he said he don’t have no receipt book, will collect the receipt and transfer in the morning.

According to Allard, the following morning George came to his house and took the key for the vehicle.

“Someone came by me to look at my stove and he needed help to raise the stove to put on the van…I left Sherwayne George and my girlfriend in the house, when I came back with the stove, Sherwayne George was gone, my key for the vehicle was also gone but the vehicle was still parked there”, he said.

“I called Sherwayne George on the phone and I asked him, did you see my keys, he said yes, he has the key. He went in the vehicle to collect something but he forgot the key in his pocket, he will drop it for me later. I went looking for him…when I didn’t see him in Belmont, I came back home, when I came back home, the van was gone,” he added.

Allard spoke of contacting the person he bought the vehicle from for his receipt and he told him that George took ownership of the vehicle.

“I called the gentleman and I asked him for my receipt. He said the morning before, that Sherwayne George already came to him and told him that the money is his so he went and transfer the vehicle on Sherwayne George name and gave him a receipt.

“I said I spoke to you on the phone; I need a receipt for my money. He said, I can come for the receipt; I obtained a receipt from him for my vehicle but the vehicle is already transferred on Sherwayne George name.

Allard said that he reported the matter to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and three reasons were allegedly given to CID by Sherwayne George as to why he had the vehicle.

“He said one, I owe him money, two, me and him supposed to go in business together so the vehicle supposed to be on both of us name but he never brought me, he brought another guy because he doesn’t have a driver’s license and he said three because the vehicle was not licensed and insured he was securing me, so he took the vehicle so I wouldn’t drive it around without it being licensed and insured. He gave CID these three reasons and CID couldn’t see through it that the man was lying.

“…Time past, the man driving my vehicle up and down. I went to the Commissioner of Police (CoP), I spoke with Trevor Modeste, I spoke with Mr. Prince, I spoke with Deputy Commissioner of Police… Deputy asked them to investigate it. They pull in the vehicle at which time he changed the number illegally, the number was PO292, he changed it PO792. When Kingston in traffic called the License Department, they said that number PO792 is an old Rav 4 that was supposed to be off the road since 2012…So he had a wrong number on the vehicle trying to hide his identity,” he remarked.

According to Allard, he was called into the Traffic Department earlier in the week only to be told that the vehicle was given back to George.

He said, “I rushed down in the station and Constable Hosten come laughing to me, telling me Allard, I just want you to know that we return the vehicle to the owner and you could be charged for changing number on the vehicle. I never drove the vehicle except for the time I brought It home from Gouyave. I never had the vehicle in my possession…they left him with it, he changed the number obviously because he has it. They had him locked up for the same vehicle…now they tell me they returned the vehicle to him and I could be charged for changing the number…”, he said.

Allard is calling on the police force to properly investigate the matter, as he would like his vehicle returned to him.

“You asked me to come and give a statement, you didn’t take the matter to court, you retrieved the vehicle, and on what basis did you return the vehicle to the man who is accused. I am accusing a man of stealing my vehicle. The man drove me to the bank to change a cheque of $23,000; he knew I had the money. I gave the man the money to buy the vehicle…and now the police (are) telling me that they give back the man the vehicle….

“…I am so upset right now. It’s amazing how the police work. I am calling on the authorities to do a thorough investigation to this and of course I would be seeking legal advice…if I have to go civil, I’m taking it to court…”.

When contacted, a spokesman for the police force said that the matter was thoroughly investigated including the detention of the man who Allard claimed had stolen the vehicle from him.

He said the man was released because Allard could not provide the lawmen with any proof that he had handed over $7,000.00 to the man to purchase the vehicle.

He also indicated that the previous owner of the vehicle was contacted and he pointed out that he never had any dealings with Allard.

The spokesman said that the police proceeded with due care and caution on the matter in light of past issues involving both Allard and George.

He stated that the matter is not over as RGPF is looking to bring charges against either Allard or George for illegally tampering with the vehicle’s number plate.

In addition, the police are planning to refer the matter to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to investigate the parties since large sums of monies are involved.

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