A call for a national Jab Jab Soca Moanarch

At least one veteran soca artiste is calling for a national ‘Jab Jab Soca Monarch’ competition to be considered by the powers-that-be.

Zingo – the veteran soca artiste and former Soca Monarch

Veteran soca artiste, Evyln “Zingo” Alexander cited this need in an exclusive telephone interview with THE NEW TODAY on Monday.

Zingo expressed the view that while the standard of Grenada’s music has significantly increased, there is need for the Ministry of Culture and the Spice Mas Corporation, to consider having a “Jab Jab Monarch” based on the new and increasing “trend of Jab Jab Soca” music being adopted by the artistes of the day.

“We have gone into a new trend…a new genre of what we call Jab Jab Soca (and) I think they should look at that and probably think about having a national Jab Jab Monarch…”, he said.

“… If you go into the criteria for what we call the Soca Monarch, for example there is one category that talks about arrangement and in the break down, it talks about variation in the music and the change of chords et cetera and (if you notice) most of the music is basically one or two chords”, he added.

Zingo, who hails from Happy Hill but currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, did not participate in the 2016 competition.

He has returned this year and finished in the first 10 position in the Power Soca Monarch preliminaries, which was completed over the weekend.

The high energy entertainer has already released three songs for the season – “Kitty Cat”, “Out of Order” and “Trouble”.

Zingo told THE NEW TODAY that he expects to do very well in this year’s competition if the judges stick to the criteria.

“I expect to create real trouble in Grenada,” he declared.

“As usual (you can) expect a lot of energy (and) madness, expect me to deliver the message,” he added.

Acknowledging that in the past most judges had problems with clarity in his performances, Zingo believes that he has “grown from strength to strength” over the years, and promised clearer diction in the delivery of his music this time around.

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