$60, 000 Bail in Pellet Killing

A charge of Manslaughter has been brought against 25-year-old Shermika Mc Phie of Annandale, St. George, following a fatal shooting incident over the weekend, which left dead her best friend, Nigel Cadore.

Nigel Cadore – died after being shot by a pellet gun

The 36-year-old, Cadore, a Truck Driver of Mont Toute in Grand Anse, St. George died Sunday morning after he was allegedly shot by accident.

McPhie, the mother of one was granted bail Wednesday in the sum of $60, 000, with 2 sureties when she appeared before Magistrate Tahira Gellineau at the No. 2 Magistrate’s Court in St. George’s.

She was represented by Attorney-at-law, Ruggles Ferguson, whose bail application met with no objection from the Police Prosecution, which is being led by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Godfrey Victor.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Cadore died after allegedly being shot in the head with a pellet gun by Mc Phie, in an incident that occurred at Annandale.

Mc Phie was detained by police for questioning and slapped with the Manslaughter charge late Tuesday.

There was a mixture of emotions outside the court room, with family members of the deceased, though aggrieved by his death, acknowledging that the two persons were “very close like best friends.”

“It’s so sad…she must be suffering as well because they were best friends,” said one individual.

“I have already forgiven her in my heart. I know they were really good friends”, the father of the deceased, told THE NEW TODAY.

“All that is left now is for the law to take its course,” he added.

Mc Phie, who faces a maximum penalty of 15 years behind bars, will make her second appearance before the court on October 10.

Shermika Mc Phie – faces a maximum penalty of 15 years for Manslaughter

This newspaper understands that Cadore who was a member of the Grenada Bikers Association went to Annandale with some friends to attend J’ouvert but upon arrival realised that the event was not being held.

He and the others then stopped off at the home of McPhie, who is also a member of the association and were preparing to hold a cook when the accident occurred.

Information reaching this newspaper suggests that Cadore used his pellet gun to shoot fowls which belonged to his female friend to be used in the cook.

After shooting the fowls, Cadore returned to the yard and placed the gun down on the ground and began cleaning the fowls.

Speculation is rife that there were many persons around who were curious about the gun and picked it up, including McPhie.

It is understood that Cadore told his female friend that there was a round of bullets inside the gun and she should point it towards the drain and shoot it off.

She complied but no bullets came out of the gun and was in the process of handing the gun back to him when it accidently went off and hit him in the neck.

Cadore, an employee of Joshua Lewis Crane Services, was pronounced dead at the St. George’s General Hospital.

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