Legends in Concert

Four top regional Calypsonians will be among the cast to perform tomorrow night (Saturday) at the 14th annual Hubbard’s Legends in Concert at the Grenada Trade Centre at Morne Rouge.

Barbadian Red Plastic Bag

The artistes are Trinidadians Cro Cro, Johnny King, Tobago Crusoe and Barbadian Red Plastic Bag.

In an interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper last Friday, Promoter of the show, Godfrey Augustine said that patrons can expect social commentary, humour, and a little soca from the event being dubbed a “Caribbean Music Show”.

“We have leading the pack Cro Cro who is a veteran when it comes to social and political commentary. He is four-time Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago and he is known for some great songs – Oh Grenada, Jail them… We also have Tobago Crusoe who is also another Veteran. He won the Monarch in Trinidad in 1983 and we also have Johnny King who is well known for his popular songs like, “Wet me Down”, “Darling”…he is going to be there as well and of course from Barbados we have Red Plastic Bags who is very popular. He is a 10 time Calypso Monarch out of Barbados and of course everybody knows he has some great songs, very popular like “Wrong Girl”, “Raga Raga”, “Volcano” and others, so we can expect some great music there,” he said.

Two of the locals down to perform are Reggie Charles and Papa Jerry.

According to Augustine, Papa Jerry is expected to bring a lot of energy to the stage and that Reggie Charles will be gracing the stage in Grenada for the first time in 23 years.

“Reggie Charles, who we’ve dubbed the prodigal son…Reggie Charles last performed in Grenada in 1994. So, he is returning and I can tell you that people are looking forward to seeing him. He’s doing a lot of work on the outside internationally and he is coming back to put on a great performance for Grenada,” said Augustine.

With the 2017 show taking a different spin, the promoter gave assurances that the Trade Centre Gazebo will be transformed into a “Legends’ Village” to give people a chance to get a feel of who will be performing and also get chances to win some prizes.

“At the village, persons would experience a lot from our partners who’ve made this thing possible. There will be lots of displays, there’s going to be music, a lot of music being played in the afternoon; there is going to be food, there’s going to be drinks”, he said.

Cro Cro from Trinidad

“…We’re having a big screen and we will be showing some of the previous shows. So, persons can come early and enjoy all of that. So, there is a lot to see…persons can get to win gifts, they can get to sample other stuff…”, he added.

Augustine gave an insight into how the cast was selected to perform at this year’s event.

“If you look at the cast, you would notice you would get some serious calypsos from persons like Cro Cro. You would get some humour and also some serious music from Tobago Crusoe. He is into humour, he sings a lot of humourous calypsos. Johnny King, who is known from his nice groove and party songs, so it makes you want to dance as well… Red Plastic Bag of course young people love him, great Soca songs, great Groovy songs.

“…Papa Jerry is known of course for serious Calypsos, great music as well, and Reggie Charles is known for his very beautiful social commentary and people would remember “Old time days”; a classic, everybody knows that song, so you can get that.

“Reggie has already done some nice grooves as well which he is going to be performing. So, you look

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