Kaiso Bards Tent opens

The Kaiso Bards Calypso Tent got off to another early start this Carnival season with an official opening at its traditional home, the Deluxe Cinema in Grenville, St. Andrew’s last week Saturday.

Findley ‘Scholar’ Jeffery- performing at the opening

The Calypso Tent, which has in past years maintained the trend of being, first to open its doors to the public, unveiled a cast of close to 20 calypsonians, with more expected from overseas.

Speaking with THE NEW TODAY prior to the launch, Tent Leader, Findley ‘Scholar’ Jeffery, indicated that this year’s cast is made up of young calypsonians as well as veterans in the artform.

“We have all in all a balanced cast of young persons (and) two or three first timers, he said, pointing out that the tent might just have to split in two as additional calypsonians from abroad are also expected to come on board.

“To have a tent with 20-odd persons would be a very tough task for the band (especially) with one night for judging and so on. So we are still looking to see what we can do to make the task easier,” he remarked.

The Kaiso Bards tent originated in the Grenville, St. Andrew’s area approximately 22 years ago with a cast of traditional calypsonians including Scholar, Squeezy and Randy Isaac, Black Wizard and Mr. X, who resigned from the tent last year.

Scholar said this year like in the past, patrons can expect “hard hitting, biting commentaries on social issues, humour, a blend of each and everything that you can hope for, especially political issues.

“…It is really a tent of undiluted lyrics…that’s the signature of the Kaiso Bards”, he declared.

The veteran calyposonian and entertainer, who is celebrating his Silver Jubilee of 25 years in the business this year, has released a total of four songs so far for the year.

Scholar’s most recent release ‘Investors’, which hit the airwaves approximately two weeks ago, “plays on the whole mantra of the investors that the NNP (regime of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell) played on in their campaign about investors being lined up and waiting”.

“Really and truly that has not materialised in a big way (as) we have not seen that influx of investors as we were promised…but it is also a song which pays tribute to all the people who make carnival happen year after year, who go unnoticed, un-thanked (and) there is no gratitude for what we do,” he said.

The reigning monarch’s other releases for the season includes his Twenty-five years celebration song, ‘Lift me up’, ‘More Oil’, and “Eat yuhself.”

Scholar, who is also the President of the Grenada Professional Association of Calyposnians and Tents (GPACT) and an eight times Calypso Monarch, will return to the big stage on Dimanche Gras night (August 13) to defend the crown he won in 2016.

He told THE NEW TODAY that he also plans to contest the Groovy Monarch title this year.

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